FINALLY: NY Times Admits That Trump’s ‘Tough Deterrents’ Are Working On Migrant Caravan

FINALLY: NY Times Admits That Trump’s ‘Tough Deterrents’ Are Working On Migrant Caravan

The New York Times finally admitted over the weekend that President Donald Trump’s “tough deterrents” are working on the migrant caravan.

The left-leaning paper published a piece titled, “With Trump’s Tough Deterrents, Many Asylum Seekers on the Border are Giving Up.”

The long column detailed the accounts of several migrants who attempted to enter the United States, but were either turned away at the border or decided not to make the journey to America out of fear that Trump’s tough immigration policies would forbid them entry.

“Pushed beyond their limits by prolonged waits in dangerous and squalid conditions in parts of Northern Mexico, thousands of caravan members who had been waiting to seek asylum in the United States appear to have given up, Mexican officials said, dealing President Trump an apparent win after a humbling week for his immigration agenda,” the report stated.

It added:

About 6,000 asylum seekers who had traveled en masse, many of them in defiance of Mr. Trump’s demands that they turn around, arrived in Northern Mexico in late November as part of a caravan that originated in Honduras. Since then, more than 1,000 have accepted an offer to be returned home by the Mexican government, the officials said. Another 1,000 have decided to stay in Mexico, accepting work permits that were offered to them last fall, at the height of international consternation over how to deal with the growing presence of migrant caravans.

Mr. Trump resorted on Friday to declaring a national emergency after he failed to secure funding from Congress for a border wall that he said would block migrants from entering the United States. But the data from Mexican officials suggested that harsh policies he has introduced to crack down on asylum seekers may already be achieving some of its intended effects.

Added this week to new policies that are bearing down on asylum seekers — which include tight limits on the number of people who can apply for the status each day and a heightened standard of proof to qualify — was the extension of a rule that certain asylum seekers must wait in Mexico for the full duration of their legal cases, which can take years.

The requirement originally applied only to adults, but the Department of Homeland Security expanded it to include families with children as well.

The Times was attempting to frame the new rule changes as a negative, but many Americans support tougher immigration policies and securing the border.

According to a new Economist/YouGov survey, 93 percent of Americans say illegal immigration is a problem.

The poll found that just 7 percent of the overall public say illegal immigration is “not a problem” facing the nation.

No matter how hard the Times tried to frame it as a negative, polling clearly shows that Americans are with Trump on securing the border.

And the liberal paper even admitted that Trump’s “tough deterrents” at the border are working on combating migrant caravans.


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