FAKE NEWS: CNN Falsely Claims Racist VA Gov Is A Republican

FAKE NEWS: CNN Falsely Claims Racist VA Gov Is A Republican

By any reasonable standard, it’s been a pretty lousy week for Virginia Governor Ralph Northam.

The Democrat found himself facing fierce criticism over the nation’s latest proposed abortion bill that basically amounts to infanticide but Northam was able to navigate the treacherous political waters on that one and the corrupt media had his back.

Then on Friday evening, a totally unexpected bunker buster scored a direct hit on Northam after an old racist college yearbook picture of him dressed either in blackface or worse – a full Ku Klux Klan getup – was unearthed by the muckrakers at the conservative website Big League Politics.

Coming like a lightning bolt out of the blue, the revelation rocked not only Northam but the entire Democratic party which has become addicted to identity politics as if it was crack cocaine and has spent two years demonizing President Trump and those who support him as white supremacists.

Calls for Northam’s resignation quickly multiplied with presumptive 2020 nominee Kamala Harris who has been referred to as the “female Obama” and is already basing her campaign on the obligatory race-baiting was among those demanding Northam’s head – after she had previously sang his praises.


But Northam can rely on the dishonest propagandists at CNN to carry water for him despite the fact that he has white-robed skeletons in his closet and that they did when the self-proclaimed “most trusted name in news” identified Northam as a Republican as all hell broke loose on Friday night.

While some in the cable news media have been direct and professional in their calls for Virginia Democratic Governor Ralph Northam to resign (with others ghoulishly connecting Northam to, among others, the Covington kids and Justice Kavanaugh), CNN briefly mislabled Northam Friday night as a Republican while airing video of his so-called apology for his racist medical school yearbook page.

Cuomo Prime Time had the night off, so AC360 was back to its old schedule with a two-hour runtime. At the top of the 9:00 p.m. Eastern hour, host Anderson Cooper ran the entirety of Northam’s so-called apology that was made into a video (after an initial statement). At first, there was a chyron that read the following: “Breaking News; Virginia Governor Apologizes for Racist Phot on 1984 Medical School Yearbook Page.”

Then, that went away in favor of a small chyron with Northam’s name, job title, and what was supposed to be a (D) label for Democrat, but it instead read (R) for Republican for a whole nine seconds before it was wiped as the larger “Breaking News chyron” replaced it.

During commentary about Northam’s dilemma, it was obvious that the CNN talking heads were uncomfortable talking about the burgeoning fiasco that will continue to do damage to Dems until he is driven from office and tenders his resignation – something that the governor is to this point, unwilling to do.

Poor Wolf Blitzer, he looks like he badly needs a stuffed animal to hug.

Not a good look for CNN which has in the span of two weeks been burned by the fake BuzzFeed scoop about Michael Cohen that was debunked by Robert Mueller himself, pushed more fake news with the demonizing of the Covington Catholic teens and now this.

But no matter how blatant it is, CNN won’t stop lying because that’s what they do.

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