EXPOSED: Judge That Delivered Ruling Against Trump Has A MAJOR Connection To Obama

EXPOSED: Judge That Delivered Ruling Against Trump Has A MAJOR Connection To Obama

The Federal Judge that blocked President Donald Trump’s bid to preserve his financial records from Congress has been revealed as a major donor to former President Barack Obama.

U.S. District Judge Amit Mehta on Monday ruled in favor of the Democratic-controlled House Oversight Committee’s bid to obtain Trump’s financial records from his accounting firm.

Andrew Surabian, who serves as a communications analyst for the GOP, took to Twitter on Sunday and shared a screenshot showing that Mehta previously donated $1,000 on two separate occasions to “Obama For America” in 2012.

Surabian also previously worked as a special assistant Trump in the White House, so he has been working for and with Trump for several years.

“Oh look, the Federal Judge who just ruled that President Trump must turn over his financial records to Congressional Dems, also just so happens to be an Obama-Biden donor. I’m sure one has nothing to do with the other though. Nothing to see here folks,” Surabian wrote.

Wonder why the media is no where to be found with this information?

Here’s more details from The Hill on Mehta’s ruling and what it means going forward:

In a 41 page-long opinion, Judge Amit Mehta, an Obama appointee, found that the panel, under the leadership of Chairman Elijah Cummings (D-Md.), had valid reasons for requesting the president’s financial records from the accounting firm Mazars, even though they predated his entering office.

“These are facially valid legislative purposes, and it is not for the court to question whether the Committee’s actions are truly motivated by political considerations,” Mehta wrote.

The ruling comes just hours after the White House ordered former White House counsel Don McGahn to defy a subpoena from the House Judiciary Committee for his testimony at a hearing scheduled for Tuesday. Trump’s lawyers will also be in federal court in New York to try and quash similar subpoenas issued by other House Democrats for financial records from Deutsche Bank and Capital One.

Mehta’s order against Trump also underscores the difficult legal battle the president has waged by suing to block the subpoenas. Legal experts have told The Hill that it’s unlikely Trump’s legal reasoning will hold up in court, but that the lawsuits could be an attempt to at least delay lawmakers from getting their hands on the documents.

However, evidence and data compiled by Business Insider shows that Trump has an excellent shot at being re-elected to a second term in office:

President Donald Trump has been a historically unpopular president for most of his time in office, and his administration has been plagued by record-setting turnover and difficulties getting key initiatives off the ground. Despite all of this, recent evidence suggests Trump still has a good shot of being reelected in 2020.

The president’s approval rating as measured by Gallup stands at about 45%. Trump’s most recent predecessor, President Barack Obama, had an identical approval rating at this point in his presidency and was reelected in 2012.

In mid-April back in 2011, shortly after Obama announced his reelection bid, his approval rating was hovering between 43% and 45%— right on Trump’s current level.

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