Eric Swalwell Turns Into BUMBLING MESS When Asked For Proof That Trump Is A “Russian Agent

Eric Swalwell Turns Into BUMBLING MESS When Asked For Proof That Trump Is A “Russian Agent

Democrats are determined to push the conspiracy theory that President Trump is working on behalf of the Kremlin and continue to feverishly spew evidence-free claims that have no basis in reality.

Following a brief respite, the RussiaGate chatter has intensified since the Dems retook control of the House and have announced their intention to waste millions of taxpayer dollars on hearings into every aspect of Trump’s life looking for that elusive smoking gun that he has always been in cahoots with Putin and cheated Hillary out that which she was entitled to.

Never mind that ordinary working Americans don’t give a hoot about this whacko web of sinister innuendo that Democrats and their propaganda parrots in the media are hustling, they will continue to do so for as long as it supports deep state dirty cop Robert Mueller and fuels their own witch hunt.

But one of the chief purveyors of the malarkey about Trump and Moscow got tripped up when he encountered a real journalist.

Rep. Eric Swalwell of the House Intelligence Committee, as well as the California crazy caucus, turned into a bumbling, stammering mess when he was put on the spot by Margaret Hoover, the host of the PBS political talk show “The Firing Line” and it was priceless.


It’s not a good look for Swalwell who is one of Nancy Pelosi’s most loyal lieutenants and more negative attention for a man that last year called for gun confiscations and the threat of the government using extreme force for those who don’t hand over their firearms.

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