Donald Trump Jr: The Media Was Complicit In A Brutal Assault On An Innocent Journalist

Donald Trump Jr: The Media Was Complicit In A Brutal Assault On An Innocent Journalist

No responsible journalist would support a domestic terrorist organization that assaults the members of the press, yet here we are again with another clear example of the liberal media’s complicity in Antifa violence.

Last week, a group of Antifa thugs brutally attacked Quillette editor Andy Ngo in Portland, Oregon. They left the gay, 5-foot-5-inch Asian American journalist with a brain hemorrhage that required hospitalization. Ngo wasn’t the only victim of Antifa violence that day, but the attack against him was particularly appalling because he was clearly targeted for his work as a journalGnist who has covered Antifa in his published work.

One would expect the victim’s professional peers to promptly come to his defense. To their credit, a few journalists from the mainstream media did acknowledge Antifa’s long-running, deliberate practice of assaulting journalists who threaten to expose them.

But most members of the establishment media, many of them recently exposed as de facto pro-Antifa activists in a report by one of Ngo’s colleagues, decidedly did not speak out against this criminal attack that was caught on film in broad daylight.

Instead, many of the people who consider themselves vocal defenders of “journalistic freedom” remained silent, or even disgustingly implied that Ngo got exactly what he deserved for daring to expose the truth about Antifa’s acts of political violence.One HuffPo writer, for instance, has made a career out of working closely with Antifa members to dox and harass people they believe are “fascists” under the guise of “journalism.” Perhaps still annoyed after Quillette revealed his affiliation with Antifa “contacts,” he leaped onto Twitter to justify Ngo’s beating, calling him a “fascist enabler” and a “giant f***ing snowflake” for daring to complain about a cement-laced milkshake being thrown at his head.

A staff writer at Slate went even further, arguing that Ngo’s work exposing hate crime hoaxes such as Jussie Smollett’s “MAGA Country” farce makes him worse than the masked thugs who mercilessly punched him in the face so hard that his brain started bleeding. According to Slate, words — especially true words that hurt his left-wing causes — create an “atmosphere of violence.” In the value system of today’s left-wing “journalists,” that’s apparently worse than actual violence.

Another anti-Trump columnist, meanwhile, asserted that Ngo was attacked “not because of his race or sexual orientation, but because he’s a Muslim hating fascist who panders to and promotes white supremacists.” Antifa members, according to Werleman, are just like American soldiers in WWII, so their violence is comparably justified.

It wasn’t just knee-jerk reactions, either. Journalists and left-wing trolls continued to mock Ngo for days after the attack, making it clear that they don’t think Ngo d

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