DNC Chairman Won’t Criticize Rep. Omar’s Heinous Comments About 9/11

DNC Chairman Won’t Criticize Rep. Omar’s Heinous Comments About 9/11

Democrats are again circling the wagons around Rep. Ilhan Omar whose latest incendiary remarks have resulted in a backlash after the freshman spoke in a dismissive manner about the victims of the most deadly terrorist attack to have ever occurred on American soil.

The controversial freshman has continued to be a lightning rod due to her inability to control herself by keeping her radical views to herself and instead focusing on working for the interests of the voters in Minnesota’s 5th congressional district who may already be ruing the day that they sent her to Washington.

Following multiple incidents where the House Foreign Affairs Committee member spewed hateful rhetoric that some have deemed to be anti-Semitic in nature, Rep. Omar’s recent speech before the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) was met with outrage when the congresswoman minimized the attacks that brought down the World Trade Center.

According to Omar:

“Here’s the truth: Far too long we have lived with the discomfort of being a second-class citizen. And frankly, I’m tired of it, and every single Muslim in this country should be tired of it”

“CAIR was founded after 9/11, because they recognized that some people did something and that all of us were starting to lose access to our civil liberties.”

Not that he will ever be confused with an honest broker but DNC Chairman Tom Perez is refusing to hold Omar accountable and during an appearance on CNN with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s brother, the former Obama apparatchik was as slippery as a jar of greased eels.

Democratic National Committee chairman Tom Perez on Friday dodged questions about Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D., Minn.) controversial comment about 9/11, calling it a “distraction.”

Perez appeared on CNN’s Cuomo Prime Time to discuss the Democratic Party’s agenda, but host Chris Cuomo began the segment by asking Perez what he thought of her comments, prompting him to immediately deflect the question and talk about various political issues like health care.

“We have 571 days until the most important election of our lifetime. We have health care on the ballot. We’ve got good wages on the ballot. Our democracy is on the ballot and what Donald Trump wants to do in the 571 days between now and the election is distract people,” Perez said. “He doesn’t want to talk about health care because he doesn’t have a plan other than to take away people’s health care. He doesn’t want to talk about the issues that matters most in communities across this country.”

“I hear you on the issues. Nobody will ever give you more time or your candidates more time to discuss them than my show will. I promise you that because it matters,” Cuomo said. “However, so does 9/11, and having a member of your ranks that deals with it that way, ‘Some people did something’—and I gave her the benefit of full context—isn’t that something that you should have a comment on as opposed to just seeing it as a distraction?”

Perez deflected the question again by talking about previous comments President Donald Trump made about 9/11, including when he falsely claimed that he had the tallest building in lower Manhattan after the Twin Towers fell. Cuomo later pushed back against Perez bringing up Trump’s comments, saying that “[Trump] didn’t start this particular round of it.”

“This is about her comments and not the first ones she’s made. I’ve invited her on the show. It’s an open invite. I’d love for her to explain herself about it”

Perez is and always has been shameless but under his leadership, the Democrats have degenerated into socialists and continue to openly defend anti-Semitic views that only a few short years ago would have resulted in universal denouncements.

At this rate, Perez will soon be drawing comparisons to the captain of the Titanic when the entire party gets sucked down by its advocacy of the hatred that Rep. Omar represents.

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