Desperate Dems Unveil Investigation Into Trump, Hurricane Dorian

Desperate Dems Unveil Investigation Into Trump, Hurricane Dorian

In the latest of a series of ridiculous investigations, House Democrats are preparing a probe into President Trump and the federal agency that predicts and tracks the direction of hurricanes.

With the Democrat-controlled House increasingly beginning to resemble the Soviet Politburo in the terrible days of show trials and political persecutions, the beef this time is with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, which chastised employees for politicizing the hurricane to embarrass Trump.

Even as the monstrous storm was laying waste to the Bahamas, the media and deeply embedded anti-Trump operatives at NOAA seized on the at the time accurate assertion by the POTUS that Alabama could potentially be affected by Dorian.

Nearly immediately thereafter, a rogue National Weather Service tweet disputed Trump’s efforts to put Americans potentially in harm’s way on notice.

Which led to Trump tweeting out a model (albeit an early one) on the path of Dorian, an unpredictable storm that baffled experts – and yes, the U.S. Gulf Coast was still a possibility – and remained so because at the time, Dorian could have cut across Florida and reemerged in the Gulf Of Mexico.

The NOAA leadership which was understandably horrified that its own employees were risking the reputation of the agency by politicizing the hurricane to score political points against Trump then issued a rebuke of the NWS Birmingham tweet.

And now, House Democrats are howling for heads to roll at NOAA and getting ready to hold hearings because it is easier to mount endless investigations at taxpayer expense than to do the hard work of winning elections.

Democratic lawmakers are ramping up requests for investigations into why officials at the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reprimanded their own scientists for contradicting President Trump’s tweet on Hurricane Dorian.

Four Democratic lawmakers are now calling for probes into reports that the White House played a hand in reprimanding NOAA staff at the agency’s Birmingham, Ala., office for tweeting that Alabama would not be affected by the hurricane. That kind of involvement would be seen as a politicization of science.

On Wednesday, the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology launched a congressional inquiry into the circumstances that led NOAA to issue an unsigned statement last week that appeared to rebuke its own scientists who contradicted Trump’s claims about Dorian’s path.

Committee Chairwoman Eddie Bernice Johnson (D-Texas) and Investigations and Oversight Subcommittee Chairwoman Mikie Sherrill (D-N.J.) sent a letter to Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross on Wednesday, requesting a briefing from him and asking for details surrounding publication of last week’s statement.

“It appears that in an attempt to support President Donald Trump’s incorrect tweet asserting that Alabama would be ‘hit (much) harder than anticipated’ by Hurricane Dorian, Commerce officials may have taken a number of steps to pressure NOAA into supporting the President’s assertions,” the lawmakers wrote in their letter to Ross.

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The great NOAA conspiracy is going to have a hard time competing with the mountain of ongoing investigations, including the now formal commencement of impeachment proceedings launched by the porcine House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler but it’s really all that this bankrupt zombie of a party has.

The spirit of Joseph Stalin is alive and walking the halls of Congress and this time he’s a Democrat.

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