Dems Deny That There’s A Border Crisis But Border Patrol Says Otherwise

Dems Deny That There’s A Border Crisis But Border Patrol Says Otherwise

With no end in sight to either the government shutdown or the national security crisis at the southern border, Democrats continue to put their own political agendas over what’s best for America by refusing to negotiate with President Trump.By the time that Trump took to the podium on Saturday afternoon to propose a deal that would put federal workers back on the job and get the paychecks restarted for those affected and their families, power-drunk Nancy Pelosi had already turned down the opportunity to negotiate an end to the impasse.

Democrats are determined to destroy the president’s support and don’t care how many lives are impacted and one major reason why they have been able to get away with it is that the media has their back when they insist that there is no border crisis and that a border wall is immoral and racist.

The Border Patrol, however, would beg to differ and that’s the message that an MSNBC reporter was given when he questioned a longtime BP agent.

But Pelosi and company are perfectly happy with all of the fentanyl and other illegal drugs coming into America mixed in with all of those future Democrat voters if that’s what it takes to keep them in power.


After Democrats refused several deals from Trump to reopen the government and fund the border wall, the president blindsided Congress with a new rule.

Trump took action to further limit travel by Congress members during the partial government shutdown.

The move is undoubtedly aimed at Democrats like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who continue to leave Washington, D.C., while the government has been partially shutdown for nearly a month.

In a letter to Congress, Russell Vought, acting director of the Office of Management and Budget, made it clear that lawmakers cannot use military aircraft until the government is reopened.

“Under no circumstances during a government shutdown will any government owned, rented, leased or chartered aircraft support any Congressional delegation, without the express written approval of the White House Chief of Staff. Nor will any funds appropriated to the Executive Branch be used for any Congressional delegation travel expenses, without his express written approval.”

Just days ago, Trump pulled the rug out from Pelosi just minutes before her military plane was scheduled to leave for a week-long trip out of the country during the shutdown.

Trump sent a letter to Pelosi demanding that she cancel her upcoming trip to Europe and the Middle East.

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