Dems Admit To CNN Trump Outsmarted Them On Feud With The Squad; ‘Politically Brilliant’

Dems Admit To CNN Trump Outsmarted Them On Feud With The Squad; ‘Politically Brilliant’

Few Democrats would ever admit it but President Trump’s decision to pick a fight with “The Squad” is already looking like a strategic success even as the firestorm continues to burn hot with the media still pouring on gasoline by the bucket.

Leading the way to protect radicals Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Ayanna Pressley was CNN, the self-proclaimed “most trusted name in news.”

The once respectable cable news outlet that has turned into a sewer of hysterical conspiracy-mongering, race-baiting and activism against a President who they hate over the results of an election that they will never accept predictably went on the attack.


But ironically, it was CNN’s Jake Tapper who strayed out of character for long enough to do some actual journalism and found that the House of Pelosi is not a happy one.

Tapper spoke to multiple Democrats griping about how their party was once again punked by President Trump due to the hypocritical overreaction to Trump’s incendiary Sunday morning tweets that dared to challenge the freshman “progressives” who have the majority of the caucus quaking in their boots.

According to one of the nameless Dems – “The president won this one” and “What the president has done is politically brilliant. Pelosi was trying to marginalize these folks and the president has now identified the entire party with them.”

Far from unifying the Democrats, as some Republican hand-wringers fretted, Trump’s tweets are tearing them further apart behind the scenes. Others noted that this week the House Democratic Caucus stood by a group that is not perceived as standing by them. Tapper quotes another anonymous House Democrat telling him privately, “I can’t tell you the number of Members who are angry and annoyed about them criticizing us.”

“Privately.” Heh. I kid with that word.

There are things politicians say off the record that they don’t want coming out in public, in order to gain a reporter’s trust, spoil their relations with some other politician, etc. Then there are the things politicians say off the record because they do want them out there, just not with their names attached. What Tapper was told — by at least three congressional Democrats — was the latter. They’re hoping, you can be sure, to regain the distance between themselves and “The Squad” that Trump closed on Sunday morning.

Good luck with that.

As for Trump? Well, he rubbed salt into the wounds of AOC’s unruly gang when he tweeted out a patriotic video that ended with “AMERICA: ONE SQUAD UNDER GOD” which really must have had Omar’s blood boiling.

Trump is going to definitely take lots of flak over his war on “The Squad” but what are they going to do? Call him a racist, a Nazi and the reincarnation of Hitler?

Been there done that; score this one for President Trump!

Nancy Pelosi is going to live to regret this one.


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