Democrats Praise Obama For Friday’s Massive Stock Market Gain (Satire)

Democrats Praise Obama For Friday’s Massive Stock Market Gain (Satire)

On Friday, Democrats praised former President Barack Obama for the stock market surge which saw the Dow rise 746 points in a single trading session.

“Man, Trump was causing the market to tank for a few days there, but thank God Obama swooped in and saved the day”, said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

When a reporter reminded her that Obama left office over 2 years ago, Pelosi replied; “Yeah, he left a while ago, but CNN tells us that every time the market goes up, we need to thank Obama. Anytime the market goes down, it’s Trump’s fault.”

Democrats also gave Obama credit for the incredible jobs report that was released on Friday. After the report showed that the US economy added 312,000 jobs, Pelosi kept showering praise upon her Dear Leader.

“Seriously, Obama has done so much good for our economy. I mean, his tax cut plan is causing businesses all over the country to hire tons of new people everyday”, Pelosi continued.

When reminded that Trump is the one to cut taxes and sparked our economic growth, she said “No, – um – I think that’s – uh – wrong. Goodbye”, and walked away.

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