Democrat Mayor Tries To Block Trump Rally – He’s Charging 25 Times More Than They Did For Obama

Democrat Mayor Tries To Block Trump Rally – He’s Charging 25 Times More Than They Did For Obama

Ilhan Omar’s mayor just got caught trying to extort the President!

Democrats are panicking that Donald Trump is going to flip Minnesota in 2016. All signs point to a big red win for the president.

Not leaving anything to chance, he’s holding a mega rally this week. Right in Omar’s backyard, he’s had over 76,000 patriots request to see him.

But at the last minute, Minneapolis mayor is demanding an appalling security fee. Clearly, Democrats are terrified of Trump’s influence in Minnesota and are trying to keep him out.

How do we know? Just look at what they charged Obama to hold a rally in the same city, just a few years ago.

From The Gateway Pundit:

Liberal Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey is wanting to extort money from the Trump Campaign to pay for an outlandish security bill to hold a campaign rally in the Twin Cities this week…

In 2009 Minneapolis charged President Obama $20,000 for security.

This week the Democrat Mayor wants to extort $500,000 from the Trump campaign for security.

When Obama held a rally in Minneapolis, they charged him only $20,000.

Now, I’m no expert in inflation, but I really can’t see how security fees should jump over $480,000 in just ten years.

The real reason is that this Democrat mayor doesn’t want to see thousands from his state flock a stadium to cheer on Donald Trump.

But, bad news for them, it’s not going to stop the Trump Train. Trump lost Minnesota by just under 2% in 2016.

After three years of record-breaking success, the state is poised to give Trump a bigger victory.

After all, the only notable Democrats from Minnesota these days is Ilhan Omar. And, let’s just say, she isn’t much of a winner.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump has slashed taxes, brought back jobs, and lowered unemployment to 50-year-lows.

Yeah, the Democrats can’t compete with that. So, they are playing dirty by charging a ridiculous amount of money to stop Trump.

They’ve done this before to stop popular conservative figures from appearing across the country. They think they can stop this movement with bogus moves like this.

But they are going to fail, yet again.

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