Democrat Congressman Turns On Pelosi – The First Impeachment Domino Has Fallen For Trump

Democrat Congressman Turns On Pelosi – The First Impeachment Domino Has Fallen For Trump

Nancy Pelosi set her course on articles of impeachment this week. But her ship of Democrats might not be as strong as she thinks.

She has a majority in the House, but it’s close. In order to impeach the president, she needs as many votes as possible.

We know of at least 2 or 3 Democrats who aren’t on board with impeachment.

And one of them just might become Trump’s secret weapon.

From Daily Wire:

Democrat Rep. Jeff Van Drew (NJ) responded to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s decision to move forward with impeaching President Donald Trump on Thursday by cautioning his party, warning them that what they are doing is tearing the United States apart…

“My job isn’t really to like or dislike him,” Van Drew said. “My job is to exact as much goodwill and help for my district and for this nation and for this world that I possibly can while he’s president.”

Uh-oh! Democrat Jeff Van Drew is signaling he’s not on board Pelosi’s impeachment ship. He, in fact, said impeaching the president was tearing the U.S. apart.

He’s not the only House Democrat that’s squeamish on impeaching Trump.

There are 31 Democrats from districts that Trump won in 2016. That means that if they want to keep their jobs in 2020, they have to keep voters happy.

How much will voters like them, if they vote to impeach the president they love?

Democrats have 233 representatives in the House. They can’t lose 18 votes and still impeach the president.

There are over 30 Democrats who have good reason not to impeach Trump. You do the math.

Van Drew just might be voicing what many Democrats are thinking. Sure, California reps like Pelosi have nothing to fear. She can impeach as much as she wants and her left-wing district will still love her.

But can that be said for the entire party? Not really. Democrats that are holding on by a thread in red states and districts will quickly lose in 2020.

In fact, the GOP—thanks to its war chest of funds—is already targetting these Democrats with ads. If these reps vote to impeach, they can kiss their seats goodbye.

With Van Drew leading the charge, many more Democrats might follow.

That might be the very reason that, even with her big announcement yesterday, Pelosi still hasn’t given us a timeline.

If she was really confident she has the votes, she’d have done it by now, right?

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Source: Daily Wire

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