Dem Senator Just Gave The Most Pathetic Excuse Imaginable For Why Dems Won’t Fund Border Wall

Dem Senator Just Gave The Most Pathetic Excuse Imaginable For Why Dems Won’t Fund Border Wall

Senator Jeff Merkley (D-OR) claimed CNN that the border wall would be a mistake because people can not see through it in order to determine what’s  happening on the other sideCNN’s host asked why Democrats had previously approved of border fences and barrier, but won’t approve funding for the border wall?Merkley said that a border agent said the wall was a bad idea, although he did not reveal who the agent was, therefore making that a non-credible statement

Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-OR) suggests that having a border wall would make America less safe, says he opposes it because you can’t see through it,” reporter Ryan Saavedra tweeted.

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Merkley may have forgotten about a very common piece of technology called the camera. They can be mounted on top of the wall, in the wall, in the sky on a drone, almost anywhere one can imagine – there can be a camera.

There are walls in banks and hotels and they have cameras. There are probably millions of locations with walls that use cameras for security.

The border wall will prevent people from walking over the border much better than a fence.

A fence can be jumped over, cut, or dug under.

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The wall would be more sturdy, further into the ground and probably higher and more difficult to climb than a typical border fence.

Merkley probably has a phone with a camera, making it more bizarre that he forgot to consider modern technology.

If the camera was not yet invented, then there could be mirrors on the wall or people posted along the top of the wall keeping an eye on the border to ensure there is no illegal activity occurring on the other side.

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