Dem Lawmaker SNAPS, Tells Pelosi To ‘Get In The Damn Room’ With Trump And Negotiate

Dem Lawmaker SNAPS, Tells Pelosi To ‘Get In The Damn Room’ With Trump And Negotiate

Another Democrat has flipped script and is demanding House Speaker Nancy Pelosi actually negotiate with President Donald Trump on a solution to reopen the federal government.

While speaking with a local news outlet, Rep. Elissa Slotkin, D-MI, said Pelosi needs to “get in the damn room” with Trump and work out a compromise.

Slotkin, a freshman lawmaker who just arrived in Congress, is tired of Pelosi only obstructing and refusing to even speak with Trump about a deal.

“We all have a fire under us to get something done,” Slotkin said. “We’re trying to still figure out the dynamic between all of us, and the leadership is still trying to figure out how to manage this very, very energetic and outspoken class.”

Slotkin also recently said that she’s open to physical barriers along the border.

“As someone who worked on preserving the homeland her entire life, I’m ready to talk about homeland security. I don’t think we need a wall from sea to shining sea,” Slotkin said.

She added: “But am I willing to talk about more fencing and more drones and technology and radar and border agents? Absolutely.”

Slotkin is hardly the first Democrat who has voiced their frustrations with Pelosi over her refusal to reach a deal with Trump to reopen the government and provide funding for the border wall.

At a town hall in New York, Rep. Antonio Delgado, D-N.Y., recently pushed for a compromise with Trump.

“There is common ground. I don’t think there’s much disagreement on the fact that we do have to figure out how to secure our borders. We do have to figure out how to course correct our immigration system, it is flawed, it is broken, we do need to figure out some concrete ways how to solve the problem and do so in a collaborative and cooperative fashion, absolutely,” Delgado said.

Rep. Ben McAdams, D-UT, even praised Trump over the weekend for his latest proposal, which would provide a temporary extension of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and recipients of Temporary Protected Status in exchange for the wall.

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