Daily Beast DOXXES Trump Supporter Who Posted Pelosi Parody Video…And They Had Help

Daily Beast DOXXES Trump Supporter Who Posted Pelosi Parody Video…And They Had Help

The cutthroat media has been on a search and destroy mission over a parody video of Speaker Nancy Pelosi that showed the Democrat leader slurring her words as if she was drunk.

While the video in question was altered to make Pelosi sound even worse than the babbling 79-year-old normally does on any given day, it was pretty clear that the mob was going to use this as an opportunity to force social media corporations to ban any of the REAL unflattering videos of the borderline senile speaker in another blatant attempt to censor opposing views.

It only took a couple of days until far-left propaganda organ The Daily Beast was able to locate the man who they claim was responsible for the drunken Pelosi video and in a sickeningly vile act of depravity, they doxxed a working-class African-American man, wrecked his life and then spiked the ball.

According to the bombshell by a Daily Beast “reporter” with a very shady background – a convicted felon and hacker – the video was traced to 34-year-old Shawn Brooks described as a day laborer and forklift operator from New York City who had a couple of Facebook accounts that published conservative pro-Trump content.

Brooks has denied that he created the video and claims that he’s been made into a scapegoat.

But Poulsen’s hit piece has a very damning detail and that is that it may have been Facebook that delivered the information on Brooks directly to the sleaze-peddler.

A revelation that if true would be at the minimum, another damning example of how the social media colossus and the world’s dominant news publisher not only has a complete disregard for the privacy of users but also continues to employ those who exploit their access to the platform’s inner-workings to wage ideological war on conservatives.

On May 22, a Donald Trump superfan and occasional sports blogger from the Bronx named Shawn Brooks posted a video clip of Nancy Pelosi on his personal Facebook page. The clip showed Pelosi at her most excitable, stammering during a press conference as she voiced frustration over an abortive infrastructure meeting with the president. Brooks’ commentary on the video was succinct: “Is Pelosi drunk?”

Thirteen minutes later, a Facebook official told The Daily Beast, Brooks posted a very different Pelosi video to a Facebook page called Politics WatchDog—one of a series of hyperpartisan news operations Brooks runs (with help, he claims). This clip had been altered to slow Pelosi down without lowering the pitch of her voice. The effect was to make it sound as though the Speaker of the House was slurring her words drunkenly while criticizing Donald Trump.

These nine words – “Thirteen minutes later, a Facebook official told The Daily Beast” – are a much bigger story than an ex-con who miraculously landed a gig at a corporation where Chelsea Clinton is a director and further confirmation that Facebook is every bit the bad actor that conservatives have accused it of being and one that will stop at nothing to use its vast power to deny President Trump another term.


This is Daily Beast editor Noah Schactman boasting about a major online media outlet using its resources to destroy a man simply because he happens to be a Trump supporter; a sad commentary on the ongoing decline of the free press in America – and to no surprise – he did it on CNN.

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