Crumbling Biden Campaign Just Got Terrible News About Obama Endorsement

Crumbling Biden Campaign Just Got Terrible News About Obama Endorsement

Reeling 2020 Democrat hopeful Joe Biden just can’t catch a break as he tries to put out the roaring dumpster fire that was once a promising presidential campaign.

The former vice president remains the frontrunner but has been severely damaged by an astonishing lack of preparedness for the first debate during which he was battered by his competitors including Kamala Harris who all but accused the 76-year-old career politician of being a racist in front of an audience of millions.

Following a series of lackluster campaign events that lunchpail Joe seemed to sleepwalk through, he failed to anticipate the savagery that would be visited upon him by the ambitious Harris who whipped out the race card.

Team Joe has mounted a furious damage control effort as they seek to salvage his White House hopes but the one thing that would really save him – an endorsement from Barack Obama – isn’t coming anytime soon.

Dashing the hopes of the ex-veep was former First Lady Michelle Obama who during an appearance at the star-studded Essence Festival in New Orleans on Saturday dropped the bomb on lunchbucket Joe.

Michelle Obama won’t comment on Biden apology, holds off on endorsement at Essence Festival. idates took the stage at the Essence Festival on Saturday, but it was a former inhabitant of the White House who got a rock star’s welcome — regardless of her…
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Via ABC News, “Michelle Obama won’t comment on Biden apology, holds off on endorsement at Essence Festival”:

Former first lady Michelle Obama refused to comment on the Kamala Harris-Joe Biden “dust up,” as moderator Gayle King called it, Saturday night, but Obama did reiterate a lot of her opinions surrounding the current political climate with a lot of color and to a lot of applause.

“I’ve been doing this rodeo far too long,” Obama responded to King’s question about the tiff. “And no comment.”

The former first lady also said her and her husband would not be endorsing any candidate from the crowded field, saying they would support whomever wins the primary.

“Barack and I are going to support whoever wins the primary, so … our primary focus is letting the primary process play out, because it’s very early,” she said. “I mean, that’s one of the things that we learned in the campaign. It is early; it’s like trying to figure out who’s winning the World Series on the first seven games. I mean that’s where we are right now, it is so early.”


The former FLOTUS who is one the brightest stars in the liberal galaxy was referring to Biden’s abrupt flip-flopping over comments that he made during a fundraiser that were complementary to two old guard pro-segregation Dixiecrats that were seized on by his opponents including the cutthroat Harris.

Despite having refused to apologize for saying nothing wrong, good old Joe surrendered. It was likely more out of the hope of defusing the firestorm and taking a potent weapon away from Harris and fellow black hopeful Cory Booker who has also bludgeoned Biden than anything sincere.

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