CREEPY: Robert De Niro Admits Thinking About Trump In Handcuffs, Taken Away ‘In An Orange Jumpsuit’

CREEPY: Robert De Niro Admits Thinking About Trump In Handcuffs, Taken Away ‘In An Orange Jumpsuit’

Hollywood liberal Robert De Niro recently admitted that he fantasizes about President Donald Trump in “handcuffs” and being taken away “in an orange jumpsuit.”

De Niro made a slew of bizarre comments as he introduced the HBO-produced The Apollo, a documentary detailing the history or the Harlem music hall.

“Every time I set foot in this hall of art and entertainment I can feel its incredible history,” the actor said before the film’s screening, according to Variety. “In these disturbing times when the administration is promoting divisiveness, and racism, by being here tonight we are making a statement that we reject it.”

“No, you don’t, not in this house, not on this stage,” he added.

De Niro has a long history of using divisive language when discussing Trump.

During an interview last week on CBS’ “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” De Niro mused about placing Trump in handcuffs and taking “him away in an orange jumpsuit.”

“We have a wannabe gangster in the White House now,” he told Colbert. “Even gangsters have morals; they have ethics, they have a code, and you know, when you give somebody your word that’s all you have is your word, especially in that world. This guy, he doesn’t even know what that means.”

De Niro also laughed off Trump, calling him “another low IQ individual” and claiming “it was his civic duty to portray Robert Mueller on Saturday Night Live.”

Even host Stephen Colbert was taken aback by De Niro’s gruffness and his overall bad attitude.

“You’re not as enthusiastic to be on a talk show as we are all excited to have you here,” Colbert said, to which De Niro explained that he just likes to keep things “short, sweet and to the point.”

This behavior from De Niro is not new.

Back in 2016, he spewed similarly vile thoughts after Trump was elected to be President:

Throughout the 2016 campaign, Robert De Niro left no doubt that he’s not a fan of Donald Trump.

The Hollywood legend called Trump “totally nuts” and “blatantly stupid,” arguing that he would take the United States in the wrong direction.

Now, that Trump has won the election, De Niro said he’s “depressed.”

“I feel like I did after 9/11,” De Niro told The Hollywood Reporter’s “Awards Chatter” podcast. “We’ll just see what happens. There will be many, many, many, many, many people watching.”

On Wednesday, De Niro lamented to Jimmy Kimmel that he can’t punch Trump in the face, as he previously said he wanted to.

“I can’t do that now — he’s the president,” De Niro said during his appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live.” “And I have to respect that position, even though we all know what he, anyway. We have to see what he’s gonna do, and how he’s really gonna follow through on certain things. As we even see now, in a lot of cities, a lot of people are getting very upset and protesting.”

De Niro is obsessed with Trump and clearly has issues.


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