Crazy Bernie Unveils His Economic Plan – It’s Even WORSE Than We Thought

Crazy Bernie Unveils His Economic Plan – It’s Even WORSE Than We Thought

Democrats have now been trapped in the inescapable tractor beam of socialism following the rollout of Bernie Sanders’ radical economic plan on Thursday.

Comrade Bernie has fully embraced the Green New Deal and its series of multi-year plans that eerily mimic those of communist tyrant Joseph Stalin and in doing so, he has now staked out what will be the official position of the 2020 presidential field.

In a speech delivered to a friendly audience in the Resistance bastion of California, Sanders laid out his sweeping vision with the mere price tag of $16.3 trillion and he is promising that it will create 20 million jobs and end racial oppression.

he plan would “launch a decade of the Green New Deal”, a 10-year federal “mobilization” that would factor climate change into every policy action from immigration to foreign policy while promising to create 20 million jobs in the process.

The U.S. would generate 100% of its electricity from renewable energy by 2030 and achieve “full decarbonization” by 2050, according to the plan.

“We are going to invest massively in wind, solar and other sustainable energies,” Sanders told a cheering crowd that had braved near triple digit temperatures to see him in a downtown Sacramento park.

Addressing about 5,000 people inside and outside the park, Sanders accused fossil fuel companies of being willing to destroy the planet for short-term profits.

“We cannot turn our backs on this crisis,” Sanders said. “We have got to lead the entire world in a new energy direction.”

His plan outlines dozens of policies to aggressively move the United States off fossil fuels in the electricity, transportation and building sectors.

Some of what Sanders is proposing from his official website:

  • Declaring climate change a national emergency.
  • Reaching 100 percent renewable energy for electricity and transportation by no later than 2030 and complete decarbonization by 2050 at latest
  • Making the fossil fuel industry pay for their pollution, through litigation, fees, and taxes, and eliminating federal fossil fuel subsidies.
  • Ending unemployment by creating 20 million jobs needed to solve the climate crisis.

And free money for those who don’t work:

We will guarantee five years of a worker’s current salary, housing assistance, job training, health care, pension support, and priority job placement for any displaced worker.

Also the establishment of what he calls a Climate Justice Resiliency Fund for “communities of color” which sounds a hell of a lot like reparations.

He had particular contempt for fossil fuel industry executives who he specifically singled out:

We cannot accomplish any of these goals without taking on the fossil fuel billionaires whose greed lies at the very heart of the climate crisis. These executives have spent hundreds of millions of dollars protecting their profits at the expense of our future, and they will do whatever it takes to squeeze every last penny out of the Earth. Bernie promises to go further than any other presidential candidate in history to end the fossil fuel industry’s greed, including by making the industry pay for its pollution and prosecuting it for the damage it has caused.

And called for action by an angry mob to help him do it:

…we must build an unprecedented grassroots movement that is powerful enough to take them on, and win.

Bernie’s recipe for a totalitarian utopia will likely receive a much warmer reception than did the botched rollout of AOC’s early version which was mocked over “farting cows” and doing away with air travel.

While being more refined, Comrade Bernie’s Green New Deal is every bit as radical as that of Ocasio-Cortez who is a sock puppet for the extremist Justice Democrats who are just overjoyed over Sanders’ mainstreaming of socialism.

What Sanders fails to mention is that the imposition of such lunacy on the U.S. doesn’t affect the rest of the planet – including China – which at least in theory, would also have to buy into this extremist scheme to similarly ban fossil fuels and transform their societies.

But then again, he never bothered to explain to all of those gullible fast-food workers who serve as his army that a $15 an hour minimum wage would hurt them the most when companies move to automate, cut jobs and raise prices.

A charlatan and a con artist but given his mass appeal with a younger generation who are ignorant of the grave consequences of communism socialism in a historical perspective, he is an extremely dangerous man as well.

The stakes have never been greater nor has America ever faced an attack such as this one which is coming from within.

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