Covington Lawyer Goes NUCLEAR On Social Media; Creates Big Name “Hit List” For Libel Lawsuits

Covington Lawyer Goes NUCLEAR On Social Media; Creates Big Name “Hit List” For Libel Lawsuits

On Tuesday, Los Angeles-based trial lawyer Robert Barnes went absolutely nuclear on Twitter, calling out big name celebrities and media personalities with threats to sue them if they don’t retract stories about the innocent Covington high school students.Barnes told PJ Media that he has been in close contact with the Covington families to sue the media outlets that defamed them. In fact, he has even offered to represent them for FREE:



In his statement to PJ Media, he also said that “anyone who doesn’t correct and retract” their false smears would be subject to a lawsuit and that updated stories merely indicating “a more complex picture has emerged” would not necessarily be enough

Ever since this story went viral, Barnes has been calling out big name celebrities and media personalities and threatening to sue them for libel if they fail to apologize and retract their stories.

Currently, his “hit list” includes:

Kathy Griffin
USA Today
Andrea Mitchell
The Washington Post
Maggie Haberman of the NY Times
S.E. Cupp
Tom Watson

Look below for his epic set of tweets calling each of these people out by name…

According to his website, Barnes has a history of helping underdogs against bullies: “Fighting for individuals against unethical law firms, corrupt banks, and rogue government agents, Barnes continues the family tradition his great-grandfathers startedcenturies ago, fighting for the freedoms that founded America,” says his website.

Earlier today on, we talked about Rush Limbaugh’s response to this whole fiasco. On his radio show, he revealed exactly why the media pushed the fake story about the Covington Catholic School students.

Limbaugh slammed the media for leading an all-out smear campaign, which resulted in several liberals labeling the students as “racists” and calling for them to be thrown into a “woodchipper.”

When we see a picture of a teenager who’s white wearing a Trump hat, a “Make America Great Again” hat, and he’s standing there smiling while some aging Indian leftist activist is beating a war drum, what do we do?

We immediately condemn the kid, without even thinking! Without even learning anything, without even taking a few minutes to understand what happened! Instead of using our instincts! “Okay, we got a left-wing Indian activist there. We’ve got the media jumping all over it.” The red flags should have gone up immediately, and everybody on our side should have called ’em out for what this was! But instead, we had people on the right condemning the kids.

So you have a bunch of kids from a Catholic high school standing around minding their own business, being assaulted by a militant, leftist black group and then having an Indian group with an aging leftist Indian activist named Nathan Phillips come start batting on his war drum.

And the assumption is the kids, because they’re wearing Trump hats and because they’re white, must have provoked the whole thing. And so you dump on ’em so that your friends in the media in Washington will realize you’re not one of these Trump-loving stupid little kid supporters.

Limbaugh then name-checked National Review, a Never-Trumper conservative outlet that rushed to condemn the students before getting all of the facts.

Our old buddies at National Review were among the first to pile on these kids. What would make a bunch of people on our side want to destroy teenagers? I’ll tell you what would make them want to destroy teenagers: Salvaging their own reputations. They couldn’t afford, in their own thinking, to be seen as being on the same side as these evil kids. … And right there: National Review, they start condemning these kids.

As more videos emerged, Limbaugh is correct that Sandmann did nothing wrong at all while Phillips was aggressively hammering his drum in the students’ faces.

Below is the video evidence proving that the Native American protester approached them:

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