Conservative YouTuber Combats Left-Wing Gillette Ad With HILARIOUS Parody Video

Conservative YouTuber Combats Left-Wing Gillette Ad With HILARIOUS Parody Video

Many people were offended at the audacity of Gillette when they released a commercial a couple of weeks ago that was supposed to be a serious attempt at combating “toxic masculinity.” Gillette is a company known for their safety razors and other miscellaneous products and is owned by the multinational consumer goods corporation Proctor and Gamble. But what was so offensive about the video? You can see the controversial video on

Gillette has come under fire after releasing a commercial that draws on the #MeToo movement to challenge “toxic masculinity.”

In the ad, the razor brand — a subsidiary of global giant Proctor & Gamble — calls out “bullying,” “sexual harassment” and “toxic masculinity,” and questions: “Is this the best a man can get?” The campaign goes on to encourage men to hold one another accountable for their behavior.

Wasn’t that perfect? That “narration” perfectly illustrates the left-wing political tones that the ad tries desperately to get across.

The problem with the original ad is tht a huge number of people were not “encouraged,” but were actually incredibly offended at Gillette’s attempt and questioned the real message behind it. Note the following from GQ after trying to explain what they tried to imply was conservative anger:the commercial sparked a wave of anger among conservatives and men’s rights activists that crested with a tweet from British TV personality and professional blowhard Piers Morgan that reads, “Let’s be clear: @gillette now wants every man to take one of their razors & cut off his testicles.” (Gillette: need a new tagline?)Since GQ refered to Piers Morgan in this article as a “professional blowhard” along with millions of other conservatives, it’s no surprise that the article ends by implying that you must be in a “hate group” if you were offended by the commercial. But guess what, GQ? Nothing, and I mean NOTHING sparks an amazing parody video like the average offended bystander. Though there were a number of parody videos that surfaced after the Gillette commercial, one has gone viral and is approaching nearly a million views. praised the popular parody with the following:Conservative commentator and YouTube sensation,” Mr. Reagan,” has created the perfect parody to the white man shaming Gillette ad. In his awesome rendition of the Gillette ad that garnered so much attention, Mr. Reagan points out the repeated use of Black men interceding to stop stupid white men from harassing women. The video starts out by saying, “Hey look, everybody, our first shot is of a stoic black man” they flash to a White guy saying, ” This guy’s ashamed of himself for being White and a man” as they flash to the next guy, saying, “Look at this guy—he’s about the cry. He’s not only White and a man, but he’s also old—disgusting!” The next shot is of a young White boy with red hair, the narrator asks, “Is this the best a man can get—a soulless ginger?”  The narrator then points out one of  the primary motives behind the Gillette ad, saying, “We know that most of you men are unaware of this, so we are here to educate you…” telling their target market that “bullying is mean and bad.” Because, clearly without Gillette, boys and men would think that bullying is good—right?

After all of this backlash and with the Gillette video on YouTube now approaching 1.3 MILLION DISLIKES, Gillette still does not seem to be backing away from claiming that their cause will affect real “change,” as evidenced by the following quote attained by Fox News:

“We expected debate,” Pankaj Bhalla, Gillette’s North America brand director, told CNN Business. “Actually, a discussion is necessary. If we don’t discuss and don’t talk about it, I don’t think real change will happen.”

Here’s to hoping some “real change” will commence with more parodies mocking the amazing  minds who thought that that this commercial was a good idea.


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