CONFIRMED: New Poll About Trump Blasting Biased Reporters Will Drive The Left Up The Walls

CONFIRMED: New Poll About Trump Blasting Biased Reporters Will Drive The Left Up The Walls

Sorry, Democrats.

The majority of the American people believe President Trump is right to call out biased journalists.

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Not just call them out, though, no. Put them on BLAST.

Here’s the scoop, via Washington Examiner:

In the latest sign that major American media outlets are losing the public’s support, a majority believe it is appropriate for politicians to criticize reporters and hold them to the same scrutiny as those they cover.

A new Rasmussen Reports survey also said most voters believe the average journalist is liberal, and few are conservative.

The survey is an indictment of the media at a time when liberal outlets such as CNN and the New York Times are stepping up their attack on President Trump and congressional Republicans.

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….I don’t want to Win for myself, I only want to Win for the people. The New @FoxNews is letting millions of GREAT people down! We have to start looking for a new News Outlet. Fox isn’t working for us

Other good polls also in fifties, despite only Fake News, and then phony polls by A.P., CNN, NBC and, as always, Fox, who were WAY OFF on 2016 Election!

If far-left journalists want to continue to remain biased against President Trump and all things “Trump administration,” they’ve got another thing coming.

Check it out…

NEW FRONT IN THE WAR ON THE PRESS: TRUMP allies say they have archived embarrassing posts by hundreds of employees of @nytimes, @washingtonpost, @CNN & others.

The TRUMP allies plan to disseminate the posts in response to coverage they consider unfair.

I am sure there will be more scalps,” said a person familiar with the operation targeting media outlets critical of TRUMP.

Another claimed the operation had unearthed “fireable” information on “several hundred” people who work at targeted media outlets.

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