CNN’s April Ryan Tells Mike Huckabee He’s Going To HELL

CNN’s April Ryan Tells Mike Huckabee He’s Going To HELL

Now that the Mueller report has been completed and released, the collusion conspiracists in the media are buzzing like a swarm of angry hornets.

The talking heads at MSNBC and CNN have not only refused to apologize for years of lies and fake news but are doubling down in their jihad against President Trump and his administration.

Some have gone so far as to embrace the type of violent rhetoric that led a deranged Bernie Sanders follower to open fire on the Republican congressional baseball team while they practiced on a sunny June morning in 2017.

So it was that April Ryan who serves as one of the network’s White House Press Corps correspondents invoked dog whistle language about beheading Press Secretary Sarah Sanders, a woman who she nurtures a serious grudge against who has often found herself the target of the hate mobs that call Twitter their home.

During a segment with CNN’s resident racist Don Lemon, Ryan suggested that Sanders be subjected to having her head “lopped off” which is consistent with the way that ISIS would settle their political scores but is dangerously un-America.

The blowback against Ryan was swift and ferocious including a condemnation from Sanders’ father, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee who blasted CNN for allowing one of its employees for “incitement to murder” which is just how the left rolls these days.

He also called for the White House to revoke Ryan’s press credentials:

Knowing fully well that she has the CNN brass firmly behind her no matter how outrageous anything that flies out of her piehole may be, Ryan then took the opportunity to attack Gov. Huckabee on religious grounds by declaring that the devoutly Christian conservative was going to go to Hell.

And for good measure, Ryan’s despicable words were uttered two days before Easter!

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In a Twitter tantrum in which she seemed to insinuate violence with her comment about “my people” are coming for you, Ryan continued to berate Huckabee:

This despicable attack on Sarah Sanders is just the latest example of a long pattern of abuses from Ryan.

Looking at the conduct of Ryan along with many other “journalists” and politicians of color, one cannot help but come away with the idea that there is a lot of lingering hostility that America’s first black president Barack Obama was term-limited by the U.S. Constitution and they are acting in irresponsible, divisive and unhinged ways to strike back.

There might be a hint of that in the hostility toward the flag, the Founding Fathers and the Constitution itself as being at fault for Obama not being able to stay in office forever like China’s Xi Jinping – even though the amendment establishing presidential term limits wasn’t added until after World War II.

The racial bias and the resentment just roll off of Ryan in waves and she has spouted off repeatedly since Donald J. Trump was elected president beginning with her suggestion that not being invited to the White House Christmas party was racist.

There is an ongoing theme of racial grievance from the American Urban Radio Networks White House correspondent as well.

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