CNN Hires Disgraced Corrupt Former FBI Official ‘Andy’ McCabe

CNN Hires Disgraced Corrupt Former FBI Official ‘Andy’ McCabe

CNN has now outdone themselves with the hiring of disgraced leaker Andrew ‘Andy’ McCabe, one of the key drivers of the failed coup against President Trump.

In a shining example of how no scoundrel is too tainted by corruption for the Resistance as long as they hate Trump, McCabe was given a job as well as a forum to rage against the president.

The ex-deputy director – who was fired last year only hours short of his retirement for lying and leaking – joins the all-star team of miscreants at the self-proclaimed “most trusted name in news” where he will be in good company.

CNN clearly isn’t troubled by plummeting ratings nor a lack of credibility because hey, as long as they have that agreement with the nation’s airports to broadcast their propaganda they will always have a captive audience.

Via The Washington Examiner, “CNN hires Andrew McCabe, fired from FBI for leaking to media”:

Andrew McCabe, the former FBI deputy director fired for leaking to the media and who has become an antagonist of President Trump, will join CNN.

McCabe has spent the past year defending his actions at the FBI, writing a book, and pushing for Trump to be removed from office. McCabe joins another controversial Obama-era figure, former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper, as a contributor at the network.

McCabe filed suit in federal court earlier in August accusing Trump of causing his subordinates at the Justice Department to participate in an “unconstitutional plan and scheme” to have him fired. McCabe was fired the same day he planned to retire.

McCabe will likely be prominently featured in the upcoming Justice Department Inspector General’s report on FISA surveillance violations and the FBI’s surveillance of Trump and his associates and the CNN job will allow him to undermine public confidence in the findings of IG Michael Horowitz.

President Trump reacted to the news of McCabe’s new gig which he blasted as DISGRACEFUL.

And disgraceful is far too kind a word for a contemptible man like McCabe who in a just society, would not only be behind bars but be buried underneath the jail itself.

Then there is the hypocrisy. CNN talking heads have been blathering on in feigned outrage after it was announced that former White House press secretary Sean Spicer would be a guest in the upcoming season of “Dancing With The Stars.”

Here is a prominent public figure with “real” credibility issues, deep involvement in the Russia investigation, not to mention a just-getting-started civil action against two top law enforcement officials. By the way, that civil action carries an allegation that President Trump “purposefully and intentionally caused the unlawful actions of Defendants and other Executive Branch subordinates that led to Plaintiff’s demotion and purported termination.”

The point: McCabe is a newsmaker, a figure of ongoing interest to reporters and editors across the land. So, how does CNN deal with the situation? By hiring him!

McCabe is just the latest in a line of tainted former Obama regime officials like James Clapper and John Brennan who despite their borderline treason, have ended up on NBC and CNN.

It’s the closest thing to state-run television – as in Deep State – that has ever existed in America and a stunningly brazen effort to undermine the duly elected president that just never ends.

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