City council trolls Trump on Alabama

City council trolls Trump on Alabama

The Council of the District of Columbia trolled President Trump in a Wednesday tweet over the map he displayed at the White House marked with a sharpie to show Hurricane Dorian threatening Alabama.

The tweet featured a map that jokingly said the White House, which is located at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. NW, was moving its mailing address to Alabama Avenue SE.

“According to this ‘change of address’ postcard we received, the White House has announced its new mailing address will be 1600 Alabama Avenue, SE #Sharpie,” the council said in a tweet on Wednesday evening.

Hours before the tweet, the White House released a video that showed Trump pointing to a map that he claimed reflected the original path of Hurricane Dorian. It appeared to have been altered with a marker to show the storm’s projected path continuing to Alabama, which many reports have found not to have been the case.


The map was used as a visual aid during an Oval Office briefing on the government’s response to the hurricane.

«We got lucky in Florida. Very, very lucky indeed,» Trump said during the briefing. «We had actually, our original chart was that it was going to be hitting Florida directly.»

The display subsequently went viral on Twitter after reporters and social media users noted the shift in the storm’s path to include Alabama, which differed from National Hurricane Center’s own projections that did not put the state in Dorian’s trajectory.

Trump also shared a tweet on Sunday that said Alabama was one of several states that was at risk of being hit by the hurricane.

The National Weather in Birmingham, Ala., refuted that claim on Twitter.

Trump has since shared another map on Twitter that he said shows the «originally projected path of the Hurricane in its early stages.»

«As you can see, almost all models predicted it to go through Florida also hitting Georgia and Alabama. I accept the Fake News apologies!» he added.

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