Chris Matthews Clings Onto BuzzFeed Story; “It’s Not Accurate, But Doesn’t Mean It’s Not True

Chris Matthews Clings Onto BuzzFeed Story; “It’s Not Accurate, But Doesn’t Mean It’s Not True

Following the jaw-dropping announcement that special counsel Robert Mueller himself denounced a BuzzFeed story that was promoted as the smoking gun that would lead to impeachment, the usual suspects in the dishonest and disgraced media are in full damage control mode.Ever since BuzzFeed published the story by Jason Leopold – who had a sordid history of producing fake news – that claimed that President Trump’s slimy former attorney Michael Cohen would testify that Trump instructed him to lie to Congress, the Resistance was salivating that this would be the silver bullet that would finally finish him off despite years of such predictions.Not only did the media hysterically hype the BuzzFeed piece, but multiple members of the Democrat-controlled House including Adam Schiff promoted that story that would soon implode shortly after arrival.

Then came the rare missive from Mueller’s office that collapsed the entire house of cards.

But that isn’t stopping the obsessive cable television talking heads like MSNBC’s Chris Matthews who claimed that just because Mueller called B.S. on BuzzFeed, it didn’t mean that the story wasn’t true.

To sum it up: who are you going to believe? Me or your own lying eyes?

Matthews isn’t the only major media personality who is in denial over the rapidly burning dumpster fire that may end up incinerating a key component of their domestic psyops/propaganda apparatus if BuzzFeed goes down.

HBO’s smarmy liberal demagogue Bill Maher wasn’t about to scrap Friday night’s conspiracy mongering on “Real Time With Bill Maher” over something as inconvenient as reality and he insisted that the BuzzFeed story was “true” which will be gobbled up by his loyal audience that behaves like an auditorium full of barking and clapping seals.

However, as the old hunting saying goes “it’s time to call in the dogs and piss on the fire” because none other than the Washington Post reports:

Following the special counsel’s denial, BuzzFeed insisted its story was correct. In a statement, the website’s top editor, Ben Smith, said, “We stand by our reporting and the sources who informed it, and we urge the Special Counsel to make clear what he’s disputing.”

The story had claimed Cohen had acknowledged to Mueller’s prosecutors that the president directed him to deceive Congress about key facts linking the president to the proposed Trump Tower project in Moscow. BuzzFeed also said Mueller learned about the directive to lie from “interviews with multiple witnesses from the Trump Organization and internal company emails, text messages, and a cache of other documents.”

Mueller’s denial, according to people familiar with the matter, aims to make clear that none of those statements in the story are accurate.

It’s probably only a matter of time until the political left and the media do the unthinkable and turn on Mueller, a man who they have imbued with a credibility that based on his record, that he is completely undeserving of.

Even extra-constitutional demigods aren’t safe from the hate mob if they deviate one iota from the maniacal quest to destroy Trump and if Mueller doesn’t deliver impeachable “evidence” then there will be hell to pay.

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