CA Gov Defends Kaep, Nike For Pulling U.S.-Themed Shoe; ‘Represent The Best Of Our American Values’

CA Gov Defends Kaep, Nike For Pulling U.S.-Themed Shoe; ‘Represent The Best Of Our American Values’

The political left’s embrace of anti-Americanism and hatred of the flag continues to be legitimized with controversial ex-NFL quarterback being elevated to an almost messianic figure by racialized Democrats despite his loathing for the country that made him rich.

After months of relative silence, the pope of woke resurfaced after he was able to leverage his impressive social media clout to force athletic shoe manufacturer Nike to yank a patriotic sneaker from stores right before the Fourth Of July.

It was an all too typical act of the sort of corporate cowardice that is now commonplace with the intense focus on a millennial generation that has come to embrace so-called social justice as a religion and the fear of being called mean things on Twitter has triggered a race to the bottom.

Nike was blasted for the move to pull the Air Max 1 Quick Strike Fourth of July sneakers that displayed the old Betsy Ross flag as an appeasement to Kaepernick and the woke mob including by Arizona Governor Doug Ducey who ripped the corporation as well as announced that he was pulling all tax breaks and financial incentives for a manufacturing facility that would operate in the Phoenix areaBut while Governor Ducey was justifiably upset, Gavin Newsom who is the governor of the left coast bastion of the anti-Trump resistance that is California hailed Nike for “doing the right thing” while praising the swoosh for representing the “best of our American values.”


California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Tuesday praised Nike for scrapping a sneaker release that featured a Betsy Ross flag and said his state was “open for business” following the controversy in Arizona.

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey announced his plan to withdraw incentives for Nike building a plant in Goodyear, prompting Newsom to make his own pitch to the apparel company.

“Hey, @Nike — we’re just a quick jaunt over the border,” Newsom, a Democrat, tweeted along with a screenshot of Ducey’s tweet urging the Arizona Commerce Authority to pull the incentives. “Thank you for doing the right thing. CA is open for business and welcomes those that represent the best of our American values.”

Ducey’s announcement came in a series of tweets after The Wall Street Journal reported that former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick urged Nike to nix the USA-themed sneaker over the flag’s alleged ties to slavery.

As for Kaepernick? He was right on schedule with his Fourth Of July message that trashed America and once again per his modus operandi, inflamed racial tensions.


It should come as no surprise that Newsom would espouse the “values” of anti-Americanism and in a state where the one-party legislature rules the Sacramento as if were the old Soviet politburo, Americans are rapidly becoming second class citizens with Newsom pushing for free health care for illegals and state Democrats now moving toward allowing non-citizens to hold leadership positions in the state Democratic party.

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It is at least partially due to the redirecting of state resources to the legal war on President Trump and the prioritizing of the needs of illegals over the wellbeing of citizens that have turned areas of the state’s largest cities into slums where the disease, homelessness, and squalor is comparable to that of third-world countries.

Many may be tempted to feel sorry for Californians but they are the ones who keep voting for these extremist socialist Democrats who hate America.

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