BUSTED! NBC Managing Editor Exposed For ‘Bullying’ A Reporter To Stall A Story For The DNC

BUSTED! NBC Managing Editor Exposed For ‘Bullying’ A Reporter To Stall A Story For The DNC

Sometimes the Democrats even confuse fellow Democrats. Such was the case Friday when a liberal reporter claimed he was harassed by a fellow liberal reporter to stall his story.

The odd part about the story is that the stalling wasn’t being pressured on behalf of a competing media outlet, but rather, on behalf of the DNC.

The Daily Caller covered the story:

Reporter Yashar Ali claimed Friday that a top editor from NBC News attempted to intimidate him out of running a story in order to protect the Democratic National Committee (DNC).

Ali, who writes for the Huffington Post and New York Magazine, explained that he was following a scoop about the dates for the first 2020 Democratic Primary debate when he received a call from Dafna Linzer, the managing political editor for MSNBC and NBC News.

Linzer was apparently “agitated” that Ali was planning on reporting the date of the first 2020 Democratic debate before the DNC had the time to call and inform state leaders. The editor allegedly spent the rest of the call attempting to buy time for the DNC and convince Ali to hold the story for an extra hour before publishing.

“Why not?” Linzer repeatedly asked when Ali said he was going to publish without waiting for the DNC. “It’s not a big deal, let them make a few phone calls.”

“I realized that [Linzer], the head of all political coverage for NBC News and MSNBC, wasn’t calling to advocate for her network, she was calling to advocate the DNC’s position,” Ali said on Twitter. “I was so surprised me that she was talking this way with a total stranger. The head of the political division was trying to bully me at the behest of the DNC over a dumb scoop.”

The story gets even better, though. At that point, Linzer tries to get Yashar to agree that the conversation is “off the record.”

Yashar refuses to do this, and also refuses to stall the story.

At this point, Linzer gets really mad and demands to know his manager so she can talk to them, and that’s when Yashar HANGS UP ON HER.

According to The Daily Caller, NBC’s PR person neither affirmed nor denied the allegations that Ali made, but there are so many questions about this story!

Assuming it’s true, Yashar Ali has taken an incredible risk sharing his account of the events.

At first glance it doesn’t appear that he would have any possibly motive for lying, nor does it appear that Linzer would have any motive for acting so strangely over such a small matter.

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Read the entire tweet thread that Yashar Ali posted to his account.

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