BUSTED: More Trouble For Creepy Joe; He Once Considered Gays In Government To Be ‘Security Risks’

BUSTED: More Trouble For Creepy Joe; He Once Considered Gays In Government To Be ‘Security Risks’

Joe Biden just can’t catch a break these days and will now be in damage control mode over a report that will further undermine him with the intersectionality-obsessed, socialists who are in the process of wresting control of the Democratic party from the old guard.

With the former vice president about to formally declare his candidacy, a screaming bombshell out of the 76-year-old career politician’s past is about to detonate at the worst possible time for a man who is leading in many early polls and could torpedo his chances at appealing to a critical demographic.

According to a story based on research by the Washington Free Beacon, Biden once opposed gays in government service because he viewed them as security risks due to their sexuality.

Coming on the heels of a firestorm over accounts by women who allege that Biden touched them in an inappropriate manner, this could be a serious body blow and especially so during a time of media mania over gay South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg who the press has been gushing over.

The gist of the story is that way back in 1973, then-Senator Biden drew the ire of an activist over his comments that implied that gay people should be barred from government jobs because of the risk of blackmail or something.

Not exactly a good look for a guy who has been tripping all over himself pandering to the LGBTQ community.


Former vice president Joe Biden once told a group of constituents in Delaware he viewed homosexuals working for the federal government as “security risks,” according to an archived local news report dug up by the Washington Free Beacon.

Biden has positioned himself as an advocate for gay rights since leaving the White House. Last year, his foundation launched the “As You Are” program to promote acceptance of members of the LGBTQ community and fight against their discrimination.

In his first year as a U.S. senator, however, Biden appeared unwilling to accept members of the gay community as federal employees.

The article from the Morning News, a Wilmington, Delaware-based paper no longer in circulation, covered a September 24, 1973, meeting Biden held with members of the North Star Civic Association. One of the members, a gay-rights activist, asked Biden questions on job discrimination at the U.S. Civil Service and in the military.

Biden’s “gut reaction” on the issue was that homosexuals were “security threats,” he said.

Granted that it was nearly half a century ago and some liberals would give old Foghorn Leghorn a break but those same fanatics just had a statue of American icon and singer of the majestic “God Bless America” Kate Smith torn down in Philly because of lyrics from the 1930s that some loser deemed to be racist.


As the devil incarnate Saul Alinsky once famously wrote in his own 10 commandments Rules For Radicals: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”

Sorry Joe, sucks for you but it is what it is.

Who is it that benefits the most from dredging up all of the negative stories from Biden’s past?

It could be Bernie Sanders and his army of loyal devotees, identity politics queen Kamala Harris who the media has suggested in the frontrunner or perhaps someone more nefarious.

Some who refuse to believe that Hillary Clinton is still planning to enter the race for another shot at the White House would point out that all of these media hit jobs against Biden would be most beneficial to the entitled sore loser herself.

It certainly has the looks of one of the dirty tricks that the Clinton political machine have rolled out repeatedly during their time in the public eye and the idea can’t easily be dismissed because she is still looming out there and would make mincemeat out of the current field of clowns with the exception of Biden who has the experience and name recognition to go mano-a-mano with her.

One thing is for certain though and that is someone who would benefit from Biden being forced to scuttle his campaign is behind the flurry of negative stories that seem to be orchestrated to keep him out of the race.

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