BUILD THE WALL! Illegal Border Crossings To Hit 100,000 This Month After ‘Surge’ From ‘Caravan

BUILD THE WALL! Illegal Border Crossings To Hit 100,000 This Month After ‘Surge’ From ‘Caravan

President Trump isn’t joking when he says the crisis on our border is a “National Emergency.”
The number of illegal immigrants crossings on our border rose sharply from January to February and authorities are estimating that there will be up to 100,000 illegals crossing into America during the month of March alone.

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Check out what the Washington Post reported:

Groups like this arrived again and again in February, one of the coldest and busiest months along the southern border in years. U.S. authorities detained more than 70,000 migrants last month, according to preliminary figures, up from 58,000 in January. The majority were Central American parents with children who arrived, again, in unprecedented numbers.

During a month when the border debate was dominated by the fight over President Trump’s push for a wall, unauthorized migration in fiscal 2019 is on pace to reach its highest level in a decade. Department of Homeland Security officials say they expect the influx to swell in March and April, months that historically see large increases in illegal crossings as U.S. seasonal labor demand rises.

More illegals in America means more crime which means more of your tax payer dollars are going to support criminals like these.

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Wouldn’t you rather have your tax dollars spent on securing the border?

The amount of illegals crossings at our border has been relatively low over the past couple years, however this seems to be changing considering the record numbers that have illegally crossed over the past couple months.

According to the Post, we haven’t seen this type of surge in illegal immigration since the George W. Bush administration.
While arrests along the border fell in recent years to their lowest levels in half a century, they are now returning to levels not seen since the George W. Bush administration, driven by the record surge in the arrival of Central American families.

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President Trump is doing everything he can to secure the border to enforce our laws.

However, Democrats in Congress are refusing to work with the president on this issue because they want to welcome criminal activity with the hope that one day, these illegal aliens will vote for them.

Democrats have insisted that President Trump’s declaration of a “National Emergency” is a made up crisis to scare the American people so the President can get his way.

Does this seem “made up” to you?

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Since the new year, there has been over 200,000 illegals who have crossed our border illegally.
At this rate, the United States will receive over 1 million new illegal aliens this year alone.

There has been many deaths of innocent Americans at the hands of illegal immigrants for example Kate Steinle and Mollie Tibbetts.

Let’s also not forget that 90% of heroin in America comes across our southern border and with the current opioid crisis, it’s extremely disappointing that Democrats rather obstruct Trump than secure our border to keep Americans safe.

Do you support President Trump’s National Emergency declaration? Let us know in the comments below!

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