BREAKING: The FBI Steps Up BIG LEAGUE; Currently Looking Into Jussie Smollett Dismissal

BREAKING: The FBI Steps Up BIG LEAGUE; Currently Looking Into Jussie Smollett Dismissal

On Tuesday morning, the Cook County State’s Attorney’s office stated that they would not be prosecuting the Empire actor who staged an attack on himself and blamed it on Trump supporters to demonize the Right and further his acting career.

This announcement has been met with major backlash considering the evidence shows Smollett staged the entire attack on himself by paying two Nigerian friends of his.

According to ABC News reporter Rob Elgas, law enforcement officials are now reviewing the reasoning for why the charges against Smollett were suddenly dropped.

“Two law enforcement officials briefed on the matter tell @ABC the FBI is *reviewing* circumstances surrounding dismissal of criminal charges against Jussie Smollett,” Elgas said in a tweet. “ABC News is told this is not an investigation. It is a ‘review’ or ‘inquiry’.”

“As the @ABC7Chicago I-Team revealed this morning, records obtained from the Chicago police file on the Smollett case show the FBI was already involved in part of the investigation,” Elgas continued. “In that report it was revealed that CPD forwarded a copy of a search warrant pertaining to Jussie Smollett’s Apple iCloud account to an FBI analyst.”

This review by the FBI comes just days after prosecutors in Chicago decided to just drop all 16 felony counts on Smollett.

“The conduct of her office from the very beginning of this cases was highly, highly suspicious,” FOP Vice President Martin Preib told the Chicago Sun-Times. “The entire country is outraged by it. The evidence is overwhelming that he was legitimately charged in this case. This decision appears to be utterly arbitrary, capricious and suspicious.”

Terry Moran of ABC News announced on Tuesday that the Smollett case had been completely removed from the Chicago database.

Moran also tweeted: “Celebrity justice: Cook County clerk’s office tells @ABC they were shocked that no written motions were filed with the court in connection with today’s surprising dismissal in the Smollett case. On top of that, the case has been wiped off their database as if it never existed.”

Seriously? We have video evidence of the two men Smollett paid buying red hats, masks and bleach. Let’s also not forget that Smollett’s own attorney admitted that the two men who attacked Smollett were the two Nigerian men.

Check out what the Daily Caller reported:

“Foxx said that the practice of dropping charges in exchange for community service and restitution is not uncommon for the Class 4 felonies that Smollett was charged with,” ABC 7 Chicago reported. Even as Foxx said Smollett received no special treatment, officials in her office were circulating a memo that raised fresh questions. The email, confirmed by the I-Team, asked Cook County prosecutors for examples of cases like where charges were dropped under circumstances similar to Smollett’s. ”

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Despite her claim that a “just outcome” was reached in the case, Foxx said: “We believe that the facts were sufficient to charge and try Mr. Smollett for the crimes.”

“Based on the facts and the evidence that was presented in the charging decision that was made by this office, this office believed that they could prove him guilty,” Foxx added.

Hopefully the FBI will prove that equal justice under the law is NOT dead by prosecuting Smollett and putting him in jail where he belongs.

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