BREAKING: Synagogue Shooter Wrote Anti-Trump Manifesto…But The Media Is IGNORING IT

BREAKING: Synagogue Shooter Wrote Anti-Trump Manifesto…But The Media Is IGNORING IT

On Saturday, a 19 year old man walked into a synagogue in Poway California where he opened fire, killing one person and leaving three others injured.

Initially, the reasons for the attack were unknown but it clearly indicated that it was a hate crime on the Jewish Community considering the circumstances.

The mayor of Poway however is now confirming that the attack was indeed a hate crime because of recent revelations.

According to the police, the shooter left a long manifesto that laid out his intentions and opinions. The shooter specifically indicated that he hated President Trump as well as conservatives.

Check out some of the highlights of his manifesto:

Are you affiliated with any political ideology?”

Yes. It’s called not wanting to go extinct.“Are you a conservative?”I am not a useless, spineless coward so no—I am not a conservative. Conservative is a misnomer. They conserve nothing. They’ll complain all they want but they won’t take up arms and threaten their government with death (the only thing that works). Ever heard about the Battle of Athens (1946)? Find your balls again you insufferable faggots. If you do not defend your rights you deserve none.

He then went on to discuss his hatred for the Jewish community. He is truly a despicable human being.

“Do you feel any remorse for what you did?”

The Jews have depleted our patience and our mercy. I feel no remorse. I only wish I killed more. I am honored to be the one to send these vile anti-humans into the pit of fire—where they shall remain for eternity.

“Do you feel anything but hatred for Jews?”

Disgust. Disgust that a race can become so unrecognizably corrupted that they would commit the most heinous acts that only the most twisted of individuals could put into reality.

“Are you insane/crazy?”

I’ve seen plenty of mentally ill patients. It’s heartbreaking and I know what it looks like. No, I do not have mental illness. However, I know the Jew would love to claim that to discredit me. In his mind you must be insane to oppose him.

“Do you hate all Jews?”

I hate anyone who seeks the destruction of my race. Every Jew currently alive plays a part in the destruction of my race. Does that answer your question?

During his campaign rally in Green Bay, Wisconsin, President Trump addressed the incident.

“Today America’s heart is with the victims of the horrific synagogue shooting in Poway, California,” Trump told his supporters

“Our entire nation mourns the loss of life, prays for the wounded and stands in solidarity with the Jewish community. We forcefully condemn the evil of anti-Semitism and hate, which must be defeated,” he continued.

“We are grateful to the law enforcement personnel for their courageous response,” he added. “And I especially want to recognize an off-duty border patrol agent who bravely returned fire and helped disrupt the attack and save so many lives.”

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