BREAKING: Bernie Sanders Wants Felons In Prison To Be Able To VOTE

BREAKING: Bernie Sanders Wants Felons In Prison To Be Able To VOTE

Socialist Bernie Sanders continues to push the envelope with his extremist ideas that have now become commonplace in today’s fully radicalized Democratic party.

The geriatric crank who is widely considered to be one of the favorites for the 2020 nomination has upped the ante in order to appeal to the energized fanatics of the party’s base and to put his own stamp on history as the man who has mainstreamed socialism in America.

Not only has Comrade Bernie proposed free college tuition, free healthcare, government jobs for all and most recently the stealing of money from white people who never owned slaves to pay out as reparations for slavery but he just uncorked another beauty.

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During a barnstorming tour in the critical state of Iowa, the Vermont senator who has championed the restoration of voting rights to convicted felons took it to an entirely new level.

Bernie is now advocating for felons who are STILL in prison to also be allowed to vote.

While Iowa struggles on whether to restore voting rights to felons who have completed their prison sentences, Sen. Bernie Sanders said people convicted of felonies should never lose access to the ballot box in the first place.

At a town hall meeting in Muscatine’s West Middle School gymnasium Saturday, the Vermont senator was asked whether the imprisoned should have the right to vote. Only his home state and Maine allow felons to vote from behind bars.

“I think that is absolutely the direction we should go,” he said.

While most states disenfranchise felons, Sanders said the convicted still have a right to participate in elections.

“In my state, what we do is separate. You’re paying a price, you committed a crime, you’re in jail. That’s bad,” he said. “But you’re still living in American society and you have a right to vote. I believe in that, yes, I do.”

Look for this extremist proposal to be quickly adopted by the rest of the 2020 field because like illegal immigrants and 16-year-olds, convicts are suckers for socialism although the Des Moines Registerquotes fellow loon Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren as not being down with allowing those who are such a threat to decent society to have a say in electing the nation’s leaders.

Kooky proposals like those that continue to fly out of the closet Marxist’s mouth are huge hits with the young ersatz revolutionaries that Bernie has been cultivating since he was given relevance by the Trump-hating media but they are going to be toxic when the entire electorate gets their chance to weigh in next November.

No less an authority than Lewis Carroll’s character Alice in Wonderland herself once observed that “If you drink much from a bottle marked ‘poison’ it is almost certain to disagree with you, sooner or later” and that is exactly what has been dumped into the big liberal Kool-Aid vat that Bernie’s Bolsheviks and their fellow Democrats have been sipping from.

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews has predicted that the Democrats could be facing an electoral day of reckoning along the lines of Richard M. Nixon’s annihilation of far-left Democrat George McGovern in 1972 and the more that Bernie talks, the more likely that is going to come to fruition.

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