BOOM: Lindsey Graham Calls For A Special Counsel To Investigate Politicized FBI, Obama Officials

BOOM: Lindsey Graham Calls For A Special Counsel To Investigate Politicized FBI, Obama Officials

Now that the Mueller probe is finally over and with President Trump cleared of the false charges that he was a deeply embedded Russian sleeper agent, it’s time to get about the business of looking into corruption at the FBI.

There would have been no RussiaGate or no Mueller witch hunt if partisan hacks at the bureau like James Comey, Andrew McCabe and Peter Strzok hadn’t abused their positions to collude with other anti-Trump conspirators to frame the duly elected POTUS.

But there was never any meat in this particular nothingburger and once Mueller was subjected to supervision by a real boss in new AG William Barr, he had to fold his tent and admit that admit that when it came to proof that Trump was in cahoots with Putin that there was none.

Now the plotters could be about to suffer the consequences of their failed coup and by the time that it’s all said and done, many of them could be wearing orange prison jumpsuits.Republican Senator and Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Lindsey Graham is calling for a new special counsel to investigate the investigators as well as the abuse of the nation’s surveillance apparatus which was used for political means by the Obama regime.

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) held a press conference Monday to announce that he will be seeking an official investigation into the FBI’s handling of both the probe into Hillary Clinton’s misuse of classified email, and the Obama-era directive that allowed the FBI to obtain secret FISA warrants.

The Hill reports that, following revelations in Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report, Graham is concerned that the Obama Administration allowed blatant abuse of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, and that the so-called “Steele Dossier” — now completely discredited — was used to obtain FISA warrants to wiretap key Trump aides Carter Page and Paul Manafort, who, Mueller now reports, did not attempt to collude with Russian officials during the 2016 campaign.

“When it comes to the FISA warrant, the Clinton campaign, the counterintelligence investigation, it’s pretty much been swept under the rug. … Those days are over,” Graham said during his presser Monday.

“The FISA warrant issued against Carter Page based on a dossier prepared by Christopher Steele is at a minimum disturbing,” Graham added. “Whether or not it’s illegal, I don’t yet know, so I’m going to get answers to this.”Graham’s comments come after he replied to Comey’s strange cryptic Sunday tweet with a “see you soon” message to the disgraced former FBI director.

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