Bill Maher Bemoans 2020 Democrat Field; Pleads For Oprah To Run

Bill Maher Bemoans 2020 Democrat Field; Pleads For Oprah To Run

ou can probably safely count Bill Maher among those who are unimpressed with the Democratic party’s less than stellar 2020 field of presidential candidates.

The smarmy HBO host lamented the sad fact that when it comes to the contestants to deny President Trump a second term that quantity doesn’t necessarily mean quality even as 20 Dems are warming up for next week’s big debate that will feature enough clowns for a small circus.

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On Friday’s 500th episode of “Real Time With Bill Maher” the sacrilegious liberal comic was in rare form when he compared President Trump’s re-election kickoff that took place in Orlando on Tuesday to a Klan rally.

It was another example of how the coastal cultural elite and especially the celebs who are their mouthpieces view hard working Americans in the “flyover” states with sneering contempt and as unwashed rabble who don’t deserve to have a voice in the political process.

But Maher had to have been rattled by the enthusiasm of the overflow crowd that turned out in force for Trump at the Amway Center while aside from Comrade Bernie – who is unelectable – the rest of the Dem field struggles to fill venues one-tenth the size.
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As a solution to the enthusiasm gap, Maher bemoaned the existing field and all but got down on his hands and knees to beg for Oprah Winfrey to enter the race as their savior.

Bill Maher closed out the 500th episode of his HBO series Real Time with Bill Maher with a bruising appraisal of the Democratic Party’s feckless options for 2020 and a point-by-point explanation of why there is one (and only one) “sure-thing winner” for the opposition party: Oprah Winfrey.

“I am telling you, at this particular moment in history and in this particular election year, she is the only candidate who is a sure-thing winner for the Democrats,” Maher said, adding as an aside: “No pressure.”

Maher noted several times that he wasn’t urging Winfrey to run (he said that would be for others to do) and he expressed doubts that she would ever enter the race. And, with more exasperation than excitement, Maher explained that Winfrey’s media position and her stature with women are among the reasons she could take the White House from President Donald J. Trump.

Maher added that Winfrey is uniquely positioned to beat Trump at his own game: the persona politics and digital influencing of today’s “As-Seen-On-TV” culture.

“There’s no underestimating the power of celebrity in modern American politics…it’s not the way it’s supposed to be be, its not the way I’d like it to be but we officially live in a post-literate, post-truth, star-f—er society and this is going to be the dirtiest campaign ever.”

The host expressed his dismay with a number of the top Democrats including frontrunner Joe Biden who he mocked as being as antiquated as a typewriter with little chance of appealing to young voters.

Maher also took shots at:

Maher isn’t the first celebrity to fantasize over the Big O as the Trump Slayer.

It was only last year when after the Golden Globes that Hollywood’s grand dame and Roman Polanski apologist Meryl Streep along with her collaborators on the propagandistic tribute to the WaPo “The Post” – a box office bomb – endorsed the gazillionaire queen of a global entertainment empire.

Winfrey has also been begged by overweight ersatz revolutionary Michael Moore to run against Trump but to this point, Oprah has declined and will likely continue to do so rather than enter the brass knuckles arena of presidential politics.

But Maher can always dream can’t he?

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