BIG NEWS: Supreme Court Just Gave Christians Two Huge Victories

BIG NEWS: Supreme Court Just Gave Christians Two Huge Victories

The final day of this year’s Supreme Court term yielded a ruling that was good news for Christians whose religious freedom is under an unprecedented assault from the radicalized left.

In a Friday decision, the nation’s highest court struck down a lower court ruling against a memorial cross that stands in Pensacola, Florida that was targeted by atheists looking to exploit the First Amendment to promote their godless agenda.

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Things were looking bleak last fall when three judges on the U.S. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the Bayview Memorial Cross was a violation of the Constitution’s establishment clause but the city appealed in order to defend a cherished local landmark and yesterday, the SCOTUS provided a ray of hope that the monument would be allowed to stand.

Via The Pensacola News Journal, “Supreme Court orders lower court to rehear Bayview Park cross lawsuit”:

Pensacola’s Bayview Park cross lawsuit is going back to court.

The Supreme Court has vacated previous rulings in the case that the cross violates the separation of church and state and has ordered the U.S. 11th Circuit Court of Appeals to rehear the case in light of the high court’s ruling on the Bladensburg Cross case out of Maryland.

The order means attorneys will have to present the case again in front of federal judges in Atlanta with new arguments.

The court ruled that although crosses are a symbol of Christianity, the government does not necessarily have to remove a cross that has been in place for such a long time that it has also taken on a secular meaning.

The city of Pensacola’s attorneys said in a press release that they plan to argue the same idea should be applied to the Bayview Cross.

“The Supreme Court’s order is an encouraging sign that the Bayview cross can stay in Pensacola just like the Peace Cross can stay in Maryland,” said Luke Goodrich, senior counsel at Becket, the law firm representing Pensacola. “We fully expect the lower court to follow the Supreme Court’s lead.”

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The court’s decision comes on the heels of a 7-2 bludgeoning of those who hate us for our way of life when the SCOTUS saved the Maryland World War I memorial that has stood for nearly a century.

With only extremists Sonia Sotomayor and the vampiric Ruth Bader Ginsburg dissenting, the justices routed the ACLU and other anti-Christian interests by allowing the 40-foot tall “Peace Cross” in Bladensburg, MD to remain standing on public land.

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Via Reuters, “Maryland ‘peace cross’ can stand on public land, U.S. high court rules”:

A 40-foot-tall (12 meters) cross-shaped war memorial standing on public land in Maryland does not constitute government endorsement of religion, the Supreme Court ruled on Thursday in a decision that leaves unanswered questions about the boundaries of the U.S. Constitution’s separation of church and state.

The justices were divided on many of the legal issues but the vote was 7-2 to overturn a lower court ruling that had declared the so-called Peace Cross in Bladensburg unconstitutional in a legal challenge mounted by the American Humanist Association, a group that advocates for secular governance. The concrete cross was erected in 1925 as a memorial to troops killed in World War One.

It was a long overdue victory at a time when like the Taliban, the zealots on the left have undertaken an unholy jihad to cleanse America of statues of historical significance that began with Confederate monuments but has since spread to the Founding Fathers and other figures who the cult of woke have identified as the white oppressors.

Even more hated to the mob is the idea of Christianity and as was seen in Thursday’s Democrat debate, South Bend’s bigoted gay mayor was given license to spew his religious bigotry against Christians in front of a national cable television audience and an audience that was braying for blood.

The ruling will now be returned to the lower courts while the smug attorneys for the American Humanist Association issued a statement:

“We remain confident in our legal position given the still firmly settled precedent finding religious displays maintained for exclusively religious purposes unconstitutional,” said Monica Miller, senior counsel for the American Humanist Association. “The Bladensburg cross decision does not impact the decades of Supreme Court precedent holding government action motivated by a religious purpose unconstitutional.”

It’s just one small victory in a much larger war but the organized left’s abuse of the courts as a weapon has reached a dangerous level.

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