BIAS ALERT! Organization Slaps Pro-Life Movie With ‘R’ Rating Just Before Release

BIAS ALERT! Organization Slaps Pro-Life Movie With ‘R’ Rating Just Before Release

A 15-year-old girl can get an abortion without her parent’s permission but she can’t see this movie without adult supervision?”

These were the words of Ken Rather, executive VP of distribution for Pure Flix after hearing the news of receiving an “R” rating.

Sad, isn’t it?

In a world where Democrats have made the monstrosity of abortion available TO OUR CHILDREN, they can experience the violence of having a human being ripped out of them, but they can’t watch a “simulated” depiction of it on a screen.

Consider that irony. There is a silver lining to this grey cloud: it’s called PureFlix.

According to Michael Scott, president of PureFlix, this is exactly whyPureFlix exists. Without PureFlix, conservative and religious movies would be at the mercy of the Hollywood elite.

As reported by Fox News:

This is why Pure Flix exists: to give a platform to these types of movies,” Michael Scott, President of Pure Flix, which offers faith-based programming for streaming, told Fox News Saturday. “We’re proud to be associated with this film and we are confident that our fans will not stay away because of the opinions of reviewers and listen to those in the faith community who have seen the film and agree with us. In this case, R stands for recommended.”

Also outraged is Mike Lindell, inventor and CEO of My Pillow. As an investor in the movie, he was not happy at the MPAA rating:

“Whoever rated this movie must not be watching TV or videos on social media! I have a cameo in this movie and do not appreciate the R-rating. I got involved to get a message out to everyone with this true story. What a shame that some might be blocked by an R-rating from getting the truth. I hope millions of Americans will ignore this attempt at moviegoers suppression and flood the box office on opening day.”

Looks WAY controversial, right? There’s drugs, sex, swearing, nudity… er, wait? None of those things? So why the “R” rating?

Because they tell the truth behind Planned Parenthood.

As reported by Fox News:

The film tells the true story of Johnson, who previously worked at Planned Parenthood as a clinic director, but resigned in 2009 and became a pro-life activist. The publication revealed that while the filmmakers were aiming for a PG-13 film, MPAA informed that that “Unplanned” will be R-rated unless all scenes of abortions were either removed or altered. However, the filmmakers are refusing to change the controversial scenes.

Many applaud the makers of the movie and PureFlix for having the courage to take on the system.

It seems as though PureFlix is the new “Fox” of movie streaming, and someday soon they could emerge triumphant as the new leader of truth in an industry that is slanted left.

In the meanwhile, it may be hard to draw parents with kids to see “Unplanned” now that it has received such a harsh rating, but it hasn’t phased the movie makers.

Writers and directors Cary Solomon and Chuck Konselman had this to say to Movieguide:

“Ironically, the MPAA seems to be indirectly endorsing the pro-life position: namely that abortion is an act of violence.”

That’s an understatement.

Meanwhile, the makers of “Unplanned” have sent off a letter of complaint to MPAA CEO Charles Rivkin and will give a platform to the movie, come what may.

“Unplanned” is scheduled to hit movie theaters on March 29.

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