Bernie Piles On; Calls For Creepy Joe To Apologize To The Country Over Praise For Racist Dems

Bernie Piles On; Calls For Creepy Joe To Apologize To The Country Over Praise For Racist Dems

There’s blood in the water and the sharks are circling bumbling Joe Biden over comments favorable to two racist Dixiecrat senators that have been weaponized by his opponents to severely damage the frontrunner.

In a campaign that has gone from media-enabled cruise control to a bare-knuckled street fight in a matter of days, lunchbucket Joe has been forced into a defensive posture after his praise of Jim Crow supporting good old boys James Eastland and Herman Talmadge that were pounced on by competitors jockeying for position before the big first debate this week.

Like the human gaffe machine that he has always been, Biden blundered into the identity politics ambush with comments delivered to an audience of high-rollers at a posh New York fundraiser where the former veep sought to show that he was able to bridge ideological divides in the pursuit of the greater good.

But such ideas have become heresy to a socialist movement that has more in common with the notorious communist Khmer Rouge than the Founding Fathers and is at best half as ruthless when it comes to its purges of those not deemed to be acceptable.

While he continues to refuse to acknowledge that he has become an anachronism in his own party by begging for contrition for his glowing comments about two guys who were garden variety Democrat racists back in the day, Biden’s foes sense that their prey is wounded and are zooming in for the kill.

Who is better suited than Comrade Bernie Sanders to truly understand the importance of racial divisiveness to further the communist socialist agenda in a Saul Alinsky approved manner of “rubbing raw the sores of discontent” and to inflame the situation by demanding that the besieged career politician apologize to the entirety of America for his unforgivable sin.

Bernie all but called for Biden’s official surrender on CBS’s “Face The Nation” on Sunday morning.

Via The Hill, “Sanders: Biden ‘owes the country an apology’ on ‘civility’ remarks”:

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) on Sunday again called on former Vice President Joe Biden to apologize for touting his relationships with segregationists, saying Biden’s former colleagues participated in a “disgusting system.”

“It is one thing to work with people you have fundamental disagreements with, it’s another to kind of extol those relationships,” Sanders said on CBS’ “Face the Nation” Sunday. “You cannot be extolling people who really were part of a disgusting system.”

“I think Joe owes the country an apology on that,” Sanders said, adding “Do I think Joe Biden is a racist? Absolutely not.”

While Sanders stopped short of calling Biden a racist, the implication is certainly there.

In addition to Comrade Bernie, the two black candidates who are polling dismally have seized on Biden’s remarks to drag Barack Of Obamastan’s former second banana back to the rest of the pack.

While the DNC’s early efforts to put a thump on the scale will deprive the bottom-feeder, Booker of a chance to go mano a mano with Biden in Miami this week due to being relegated to the undercard, Sanders and Harris will be able to tag team him to death on the main stage Thursday night on national television.

Be sure to have plenty of popcorn on hand to watch the rats eat each other…

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