Ben Carson To KICK OUT Illegals From HUD Housing Program, Look Who Will Now Get Top Priority

Ben Carson To KICK OUT Illegals From HUD Housing Program, Look Who Will Now Get Top Priority

The Department of Housing and Urban Development is preparing to unveil a new rule that would kick out illegal aliens from a program and give priority back to the American people.

As detailed by The Daily Caller, the new rule would prevent illegal aliens from living in houses that receive subsidies from HUD regardless of whether they were the direct recipient or not.

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The previous rule allowed illegal aliens to benefit from subsides by living with relatives who were legal citizens.

Essentially, one legal immigrant was allowing several illegal aliens to benefit from the program, which took away from American citizens being able to take part in the program.

“We need to make certain our scarce public resources help those who are legally entitled to it,” HUD Secretary Ben Carson said in a statement. “Given the overwhelming demand for our programs, fairness requires that we devote ourselves to legal residents who have been waiting, some for many years, for access to affordable housing.”
“This proposal gets to the whole point Cher was making in her tweet that the President retweeted. We’ve got our own people to house and we need to take care of our citizens,” an official in the Trump administration told the Daily Caller.

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“Because of past loopholes in HUD guidance, illegal aliens were able to live in free public housing desperately needed by so many of our own citizens. As illegal aliens attempt to swarm our borders, we’re sending the message that you can’t live off of American welfare on the taxpayers’ dime,” the official added.

The Trump administration estimates that around 32,000 households nationwide benefit from federal housing subsidies despite being headed by illegal immigrants.
Here’s more from The Daily Caller report:

Section 214 of the Housing and Community Development Act prevents non-citizens from obtaining financial housing assistance. However, the presence of so-called “mixed families” has complicated the enforcement of the rule. Illegal immigrants have previously been able to skirt the restrictions by living with family members who are U.S. citizens and receive subsidized housing through HUD.

HUD intends to roll out a proposal over the next few weeks that prohibits any illegal immigrant from residing in subsidized housing, even if they are not the direct recipient of the benefit. HUD currently estimates that tens of thousands of HUD-assisted households are headed by non-citizens.

Families who are caught gaming the system by allowing illegal immigrants to stay with them either have to comply with the new rule or they will be forced to move out of their residence.

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HUD reports that millions of American citizens on currently on a wait list for government-assisted housing.

However, they have been neglected and forced to wait for years because so many illegal aliens took the resources and financial assistance.

Now, under Trump, the American people will be given priority.

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