As Democrats Poised To Debate, Trump Has Raised $36M In One Week

As Democrats Poised To Debate, Trump Has Raised $36M In One Week

As the Democratic presidential nominees prepare to debate, President Donald Trump continues an unprecedented fundraising campaign.

Last week, the crowds lined up for his official 2020 campaign kick-off more than 40 hours in advance of the event. In the week since his official announcement, Trump has been a magnet for donations, raising $36 million in campaign funds, CNBC reports.

None of the other candidates have come close to Trump’s fundraising numbers. The president has brought in about twice as much money in the last week as Vermont Independent Sen. Bernie Sanders raised in the first-quarter of 2019 for his presidential campaign.

After a small gathering of around 225 people at the Trump International Hotel in Washington last week, the president managed to leave with $6 million in hand.

The committee responsible for this fundraising campaign is called Trump Victory, and they’re dividing up the funds between the Trump campaign and the Republican National Committee (RNC).At the president’s Orlando rally last week thousands watched the event on massive television screens outside the stadium.

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