AOC Truce With Pelosi Ends As Socialist Diva Blasts Dems Over Impeachment

AOC Truce With Pelosi Ends As Socialist Diva Blasts Dems Over Impeachment

Impeachment fever has once again erupted among Democrats whose hatred for President Trump far exceeds their wisdom.

Last week’s bogus New York Times story falsely accusing Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh of sexual assault primed the pump then another bogus controversy over Trump’s call for Ukraine to investigate Joe Biden’s unprincipled son triggered the latest round of insanity.

Leading the way is narcissistic 29-year-old Twitter diva Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who on Saturday, condemned the House leadership of her own party over their hesitance to get on with the lynching.

In a meltdown that could have far-reaching consequences due to the former bartender turned movement leader’s breaking her truce with beleaguered Speaker Nancy Pelosi over criticizing her own fellow members of Congress, AOC angrily jabbed her finger into her iPhone to rally her millions of Twitter followers.

Via Fox News, “AOC calls out Dems for caution on Trump impeachment, signaling possible renewed feud with Pelosi”:

U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has apparently reached a boiling point over moderate House Democrats’ caution regarding the prospect of impeaching President Trump.

The go-slow approach is personified by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, with whom Ocasio-Cortez has had an often contentious relationship since the freshman lawmaker arrived in Washington just eight months ago.

The New York Democrat told her more than 5 million Twitter followers late Saturday that the Democrats’ “refusal” to seek the removal of the president was a “bigger national scandal” than what she alleged was the president’s “lawbreaking behavior.”AOC’s latest petulant outburst is unlikely to go over well with Pelosi who recently expressed her frustration with corpulent Trump-hating House Judiciary Committee Charirman Jerrold Nadler for his “Moby

The truce between Pelosi and the impetuous young insurgent lasted less than two months as the 79-year-old career politician struggled to maintain control against AOC and the other three race-baiting, America-hating anti-Semites who comprise The Squad and have run roughshod over senior House members.


Now that Ocasio-Cortez has poured gasoline on the impeachment fire that Pelosi was struggling to control lest it consumes the reelection hopes of Democrats in moderate districts next November it could be that renewed tensions between the two will soon erupt.

Nadler is not backing down off of impeachment one inch regardless of comparisons to Moby Dick and the latest ginned-up hysteria over Trump and Ukraine dominated the Sunday morning blab fests as Adam Schiff once again was given a forum to spew his conspiracy theories.


When the Mueller report crushed the hopes and dreams of Dems, the media and the mouthy Hollywood celebs who have spent years predicting that Trump was done and then watched in horror when the clearly senile special counsel’s high stakes testimony bombed, the Ukraine scam is like a hit of crack cocaine to a junkie.

No matter that this one has serious potential to backfire and destroy the already floundering candidacy of Joe Biden who is guilty as sin in his son’s shady dealings with Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings, the mob is once again out for blood.

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