AOC Goes On SICK Rant Against Fox News; ‘Grown Men Obsessed With This, Like, 29-Year-Old’ [VIDEO]

AOC Goes On SICK Rant Against Fox News; ‘Grown Men Obsessed With This, Like, 29-Year-Old’ [VIDEO]

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez attacked Fox News on Thursday night and asked by “grown men [are] obsessed with this, like, 29-year-old.”

During an interview on NBC’s “Late Night” with host Seth Myers, the 29-year-old socialist suggested that Fox News hosts only talk about her so much because of her looks and the fact that she’s so young.

“One obsession, or a group of people that seem to have an obsession with you are our friends over at Fox News. They talk about you a lot. Are you surprised at the speed with which they seemed to have shifted all of their attention and programming to you?” Myers asked.

“I mean, it’s weird,” Ocasio-Cortez responded, “and like, like why are so many grown men just obsessed with this, like, 29-year-old, I mean, it’s, it’s great, I love the…” Ocasio-Cortez began before laughing obnoxiously.

Myers then implied Fox News hosts only discuss Ocasio-Cortez so much because they are perverted and obsessed with her.

“I mean…” Myers began before Ocasio-Cortez chimed in, saying, “On second thought… No, but I think it’s really funny.”

This is the second time this week Ocasio-Cortez has levied baseless and disgusting attacks at Fox News hosts.

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The New York lawmaker took to Twitter on Wednesday and accused Fox News hosts of being racist because they didn’t say her “full name.”

She claimed that Fox News hosts, such as Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Tucker Carlson, refer to her as “Cortez” and not “Ocasio-Cortez.”

“Fox News likes to say my name (incorrectly) as ‘Cortez,’ which I can only imagine is bc that sounds more ‘stereotypically’ Hispanic + probably incites more ‘anxiety’ for them,” she wrote.

“Pro Tip: My last name is not ‘Cortez,’ just as theirs isn’t ‘Ingra’ or ‘Carl’ or ‘Hann,’” she added, referencing Ingraham, Carlson, and Hannity.

“My last name is Ocasio-Cortez. Full stop. That’s my name. No, you can’t say ‘Cortez.’ I’ve never used that in my life. ‘Cortez’ is referring to someone else. Even if they‘re trying to be rude + wrong, my dad’s last name was Ocasio anyway,” she added.

“For the curious, in Latinx culture children take *both* their parents’ names,” she continued in another post. “It’s not a ‘progressive, new thing.’ It’s just how some names work. PR hyphenates, others mark differently. Your last name = the families that came together to make you.”

“AOC is also fine though :)” she added.

She provided absolutely no evidence to support her claim that Fox News hosts are referring to her as “Ocasio.”

Secondly, even if her story is true, mispronouncing someone’s name is not racist.

And thirdly, it is also quite disgusting to see Ocasio-Cortez imply that Fox News hosts only talk about her so much because they are obsessed with her looks.

People talk about her so much because almost everything she says is ridiculous and the policies she supports could bankrupt the nation.


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