Alec Baldwin Says President Trump Is America’s “Punishment” For Slavery And Vietnam

Alec Baldwin Says President Trump Is America’s “Punishment” For Slavery And Vietnam

Actor Alec Baldwin, 60, goes off on another anti-Trump rant on Twitter, saying that Donald Trump is a ‘curse’ For America’s ‘slaughter of native Americans, slavery’ and a few other negative statements.Baldwin has over one million followers on his account, but unfortunately for the actor who impersonates President Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live – he could only muster just over 1,000 ‘likes’ for his spiteful political bender.

That’s not a very high percentage of support from his followers.

The hilarity doesn’t stop at the lack of response from his followers. It gets better. Here’s what he said.

Trump is a curse, brought down on us as punishment 4 our sins. The slaughter of Native Americans, slavery, Japanese internment, Vietnam. Every hateful, misogynistic, racist notion, intertwined w our better nature, Trump embodies those. He is us. Now we can face it + exorcise it,” he wrote.


Remember that once Trump is gone, by whatever means, + is replaced by a competent/duly elected successor, it will be necessary 4 all in this country 2 offer their support 2 that man/woman. Regardless of party. The period of healing for us will be long + will require our best.”

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The Saturday Night Live star preceded this statement with another social media post, in which he called for all Americans to rally behind Trump’s eventual successor.”

When Baldwin isn’t ranting about Trump, then he’s getting into altercations with people in a parking lot and calling the president a “national socialist tumor.”

Baldwin stated on social media last month, “The United States has a National Socialist tumor in its body and it is growing day by day. This alone should compel you to do everything in your power to get rid of Trump.”

He also stated at a Democratic Party fundraiser event that he is “horrified” every day when he thinks about Trump as the president. “Every day I wake up, I still am horrified. I feel like I’m in some dream that Trump is president of the United States. I almost can’t even say it.”

Baldwin’s negative commentary and energy is precisely what causes and furthers division in America.

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If you have over one million followers and can only get 500 ‘likes’ on an anti-Trump rant, then that speaks volumes. Baldwin would be better off changing his tune. Or keep getting arrested over parking lot disputes.

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