Al Green Slips Up On Impeachment – Admits The Democrats Could Try To Impeach Trump Without Limit

Al Green Slips Up On Impeachment – Admits The Democrats Could Try To Impeach Trump Without Limit

Al Green loves impeachment. Heck, he’s put forward articles of impeachment three times since Donald Trump’s enter office.

I think it’s safe to say that he’s not interested in finding the “truth.” He just looks like a partisan Democrat who just wants Trump gone.

In fact, he even admitted the past that the only way Democrats can win in 2020 is if Trump is removed from office.

That doesn’t sound like an impartial leader to me, does it?

And now, Green is letting Democrats’ new plan slip. On live TV, he admitted what the Democrats really want to do.

Democrat Rep. Al Green makes clear his view that there is “no limit to the number of times” the Democrats will try to impeach President Trump on 12/5/2019.

Oh, really Green? There’s no limit to how many times your House Democrats can impeach Trump?

There is little convincing evidence Trump did anything wrong—before or after the Ukraine call. Yet Green has tried to impeach the man since day one.

Now Green admits he’ll try to impeach him all the way up to 2024! There’s no limit? Reader, can you imagine endless impeachment investigation?

Green, why don’t you bother doing your job instead? Is your job to impeach a lawfully-elected president with little to no evidence?

Or did people elected you so you could actually help them?

Green’s opinion might not reflect all of the House’s. After all, plenty come from Trump-loving districts. They just might not have a job in 2020, if they keep trying to impeach Trump.

By the way, Green, there is a limit. The limit comes when Americans dump you for wasting time and tax dollars on endless politically-motivated impeachment!

Does Green really think he can get away with his constant abuses of the president? Even in a “safe” district, I’m sure there are more than a few votes getting fed up.

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Source: YouTube

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