After Melania’s Biggest Achievement Yet, President Trump Gives Her An AMAZING Love Note

After Melania’s Biggest Achievement Yet, President Trump Gives Her An AMAZING Love Note

After First Lady Melania Trump’s biggest accomplishment yet, President Donald Trump gave her an amazing love note and round of praise.On their way to the Rx Drug Abuse and Heroin Summit on Wednesday, Trump praised his wife for her incredible efforts to help combat the opioid crisis with her “Be Best” campaign.She’s worked very hard on the opioid crisis,” the president told reporters before they departed to the summit.

The first lady spoke at the summit about her focus on the opioid crisis and the toll that it has taken on American families across the country.

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“I have seen firsthand both the medical and the personal results of this crisis. I have visited hospitals and treatment centers around the country. […] We will continue to raise awareness of the dangers of opioids to unborn babies,” Melania Trump told the crowd.

She added: “We are also committed to supporting more treatment facilities that help both mothers and babies recover and replace the bond of addiction with the bond of love between a mother and her child.”

As part of her “Be Best” initiative, one of the three pillars is focused on opioid abuse, which is why the first lady has been traveling across the country to visit hospitals and speak with medical experts about ways to combat the epidemic.

“Together, we are making real progress to help people recover, to support families, and to heal our nation,” the first lady said at Wednesday’s event.

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“My husband is here today because he cares deeply about what you are doing to help the millions of Americans affected by the opioid epidemic,” she added.

After the first lady’s remarks, Trump got back up and spoke a second time about how proud he is of his wife for all of her hard work.

The president said she’s a “hard worker and has a profound commitment to building a drug-free future for America’s children.”

“Today, I’m honored to join the thousands of leaders, that’s what you are — leaders,” he told the crowd. “Everyone here today is united by the same vital goal: to liberate our fellow Americans from the grip of drug addiction and to end the opioid crisis once and for all.”

“We will never stop until our job is done,” he added.

Trump not only praised the first lady twice on Wednesday for her hard work to help address the opioid crisis in America, he has also been fighting to help secure billions of dollars in funding to help her campaign.

The president has already secured $6 billion of new funding over two years to fight opioid abuse.

Since Trump took office two years ago, there has been a 34 percent decrease in the number of opioids prescribed across the U.S.

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