After Complaints From Kaepernick, Nike PULLS Patriotic Sneakers Before Fourth Of July

After Complaints From Kaepernick, Nike PULLS Patriotic Sneakers Before Fourth Of July

Just in time for the Fourth Of July, America-hating heel Colin Kaepernick has resurfaced to make a political statement on how much he loathes the country that made it possible for him to be rich and famous.

The former NFL quarterback turned messianic figure for the social justice movement has kept a relatively low profile after settling his collusion grievance with the NFL back in February but he just couldn’t resist leveraging his woke social media following to bully athletic shoe giant Nike into scrapping plans to sell a patriotic sneaker to commemorate the 4th.

According to reports, Kaepernick claimed that the red, white and blue shoe is racist and a symbol of slavery which strong-armed the honchos at the swoosh to yank the shoes from stores. It is the latest example of how cowardly corporations have caved to anti-American, race-baiting socialist radicals out of mortal terror of being called mean things on Twitter.

The shoe featured an early version of the U.S. flag from 1792 that featured the familiar red and white stripes with only thirteen stars in a circle which represented the original colonies.

The Air Max 1 Quick Strike Fourth of July sneakers will be sent back to Nike, a global corporation that utilizes sweatshop labor and boasts Kaepernick as well as other wokesters as pitchmen and women in their ad spots.

Nike’s latest act of brazen cowardice didn’t sit well with Arizona Governor Doug Ducey who took to Twitter to blast the corporation and to announce that he was ordering the pulling of all state tax and financial incentives that were offered up for a planned manufacturing facility in the Phoenix area.

Ducey slammed what he called a “shameful retreat for the company” for which he will immediately be vilified as a by the social media hate mob and their media allies.

Nike continues to make it clear that it has chosen sides with a mealy-mouthed malcontent with the intellectual prowess of a wet firecracker instead of patriotic Americans who are proud of their nation’s flag and heritage.

They just don’t want their money…

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