A Billionaire’s Candid Advice to Trump Ahead of 2020

A Billionaire’s Candid Advice to Trump Ahead of 2020

The co-founder of Home Depot and a top donor to the commander-in-chief’s 2016 campaign let his true feelings rip recently

Billionaire Bernie Marcus, speaking to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution recently, had some candid advice for the president of the United States.

“[Trump’s] got a businessman’s common-sense approach to most things,” Marcus told the publication in part, it reported.

“Now, do I agree with every move that he makes? No, I don’t. But the truth is he has produced more than anybody else. He has.”

“If we look at this country, I would say that we are better off today than we were eight years ago or six years ago,” he added.

Marcus — based in Atlanta — also said Trump’s biggest liability is his communication skills.

“I’ll tell you what he has not done well: His communication sucks. I mean, he takes on every battle. He’s fighting. He does things he shouldn’t be doing,” added Marcus.

“As president of the United States, I’d rather him do things that are meaningful.”

Marcus was a top donor to the 2016 Trump campaign — and as The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported and Fox Business also noted, Marcus plans to support the commander-in-chief as well in his 2020 re-election bid.

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Marcus said the president deserves praise for boosting U.S. jobs, confronting China on trade, and taking action against aggression by both Iran and North Korea.

Marcus was the first CEO of Home Depot; he served as chairman of the board until retiring in 2002.

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