BUSTED: Obama Admin Deleted Online Speeches About Crisis HOURS Before Trump Took Office

BUSTED: Obama Admin Deleted Online Speeches About Crisis HOURS Before Trump Took Office

Just hours before Donald Trump took office in 2017, the Obama administration deleted hundreds of speeches and statements on the official Immigration and Customs Enforcement website.

According to research conducted by the Sunlight Foundation, at least 190 transcripts of speeches on ICE’s website was deleted on Jan. 18 and late in the evening on Jan. 19, 2017.

The organization also found that statements made by high-ranking ICE officials about immigration, the migrant crisis, sanctuary cities, E-Verify, treatment of detainees, and other issues were deleted by the Obama administration.

“With a couple of clicks of a mouse, access to a federal government web resource containing 12 years of primary source materials on ICE’s history was lost,” the Sunlight Foundation wrote.

Here’s more from The Daily Caller:

Speeches from former acting ICE Director Thomas Homan, a public supporter of Trump’s immigration policies, were among those prominently included in the deletion list.

A February 2016 speech delivered to the Senate Judiciary Committee by Homan was among those removed. Then the executive associate director of Enforcement and Removal Operations, Homan spoke about the “Unaccompanied Minor Crisis,” telling lawmakers how the agency and the Obama White House were working to manage the surge of young illegal children reaching the southern border en masse.

In another example, a May 2016 transcript of Homan explaining why sanctuary jurisdictions put “the public at risk” was deleted, according to the Foundation. Other, less controversial, speeches were also included on the chopping block.

It is not yet clear why the Obama White House reportedly deleted these specific transcripts, and ICE did not respond to a request for comment from The Daily Caller News Foundation. While the Sunlight Foundation stated that outgoing administrations make routine changes to their websites, they also noted that some edits may be for “historical or political” purposes.

It is not inconceivable that an outgoing Democratic administration might want to avoid preserving these public stances for future scrutiny,” the Foundation wrote.

“The removal of the ICE speeches collection represents the loss of a primary source history of the early days of ICE, dating back to its creation during the George W. Bush administration in 2003,” the group added.

Why would the Obama administration delete just shy of 200 documents from ICE’s official website just hours before Trump took office?

Is it possible that the Obama administration was well aware of the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border, and rather than inform the president’s team, they deleted the information in order to mislead Trump about how bad the situation was at the time?

With several migrant caravans crashing into the U.S.-Mexico border in recent months, Trump has been forced to take serious actions.

The president is trying to secure the border, but Democrats continue to try to stop him.

And now, it has been revealed that the Obama administration deleted almost 200 vital documents to conceal this information from the Trump administration.



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