New York Times Issues Lame Apology For Vile Anti-Semitic Cartoon Of Trump

New York Times Issues Lame Apology For Vile Anti-Semitic Cartoon Of Trump

The left’s foremost propaganda outlet has apologized after a disgusting cartoon of President Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu led to shock and outrage against the New York Times.

With the American left and the Democratic party that is their vessel for political power taking a dark turn into anti-Semitism following Trump’s election and the subsequent failure to remove him from office, it should come as no surprise that the “gray lady” would promote one of history’s greatest poisons as it did with the controversial cartoon.

The image featured a blind Trump wearing a yarmulke with a grotesque image of Netanyahu as a dog on a leash with the Star Of David on the collar. It is a sickening example of the anti-Jewish tropes that have become the stock in trade of the new breed of Democrats as exemplified by Rep. Ilhan Omar and other socialists.

The cartoon – which appeared in the NYT’s international edition – drew widespread condemnation and did little to dispel critics who have pointed out the alarming tolerance of anti-Semitic sentiment on the political left as well as in a party that has fiercely defended thought leaders like Omar, Linda Sarsour and members of the Congressional Black Caucus who are chummy with hatemonger Louis Farrakhan.

Donald Trump Jr. was among those who expressed outrage at the NYT for the “flagrant anti-Semitism” of the cartoon.

Donald Trump Jr. on Saturday ripped The New York Times over a cartoon published in its international print edition this week that the newspaper pulled because of “anti-Semitic tropes.”

“Disgusting. I have no words for flagrant anti-Semitism on display here,” the president’s son tweeted. “Imagine this was in something other than a leftist newspaper?”

The New York Times Opinion section apologized on Saturday for the cartoon, which depicted President Trump wearing a yarmulke and walking a portrayal of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as a dog on a leash.

The Times issued the following tepid apology which attributed the image’s publication to an “error in judgment” as well as blaming it on the paper’s news service syndicate which boasts of providing “expert storytelling to inspire your audience” and one shudders to imagine the types who would be inspired by this obscenity.


That the Times saw fit to publish it during Passover only further illustrates that it is no longer a news organization but rather an anti-Trump propaganda machine that dabbles in Jew-hatred.

People of moral conscience would be justified in shunning the NYT and its advertisers until those responsible for the publication of the offensive cartoon are fired.

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