Socialist Twitter Diva AOC Suggests That America Is ‘Garbage’

Socialist Twitter Diva AOC Suggests That America Is ‘Garbage’

There is no longer any question that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez hates America as the nation currently exists and continues to push her radical vision to impose her will on millions while the media laps up her socialist slop and begs for more.
It’s been one helluva week for the 29-year-old former bartender who moved to take advantage over the party split over the vile anti-Semitism of fellow freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar to successfully challenge septuagenarians Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s control of the House.

It was primarily due to AOC that the radicals not only defeated a resolution to condemn the growing animosity toward Jewish people in the party but has now put her own stamp on it by nudging Pelosi closer to the dustbin of history.

So what does the emboldened taco bar revolutionary do for an encore?

She jumps on one of those airplanes that her Green New Deal wants to do away with and enlarges her own carbon footprint by flying to Texas for the annual SXSW conference and festival in Austin where she was one of the star attractions with a crowd that is overwhelmingly liberal.

AOC basked in the attention and with her celebrity now making her untouchable, she attacked a dead man by calling former President Ronald Reagan a racist, continued to denounce capitalism as a failure despite the booming Trump economy and then made it clear how she really feels.

Ocasio-Cortez is suggesting that America is “garbage” which is a viewpoint that is widely held on the political left and in the radicalized Democratic party&lt

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